Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I really need to post my SAL pictures! I never did post last week's progress, and still need to post what I need yesterday! I think the weekend away put me a few days behind in real life!:)

And I still want to tell you about the yummy hot chocolate drink I got at Borders Books a few weeks ago! It's a good thing that store is 30 minutes away, or I would have had way more than one by now! I keep trying to think of reasons to go back, but so far the $3 hot cocoas hasn't quite convinced me of the 30 min drive! It's close, but not quite! YUMM!

I've been keeping a journal for each of my boys since my oldest was 6 months. My youngest I have since his birth. At the beginning it was easy to write things, because stuff changed every day it seemed like! Then in the 2's-4's it was easy to write too because of all the crazy stuff they did and said! But now that we're to the 8's and the 11's, it's longer and longer in between writings. I try to jot down things that I want to mention, and that helps some. I used to write once a month, then it got to every two months, and now it's sometimes every four months. But I like to write in them and the boys love to read them. I was not going to let them read them until they were much older, but they really love reading about themselves!

I usually, now, right about issues they are having... how we deal with them, etc. Embarrassing things that happened to them, silly stuff too. So I decided that I'm not going to let them read their most recent journal. For my oldest I am on his 3rd journal, so he can read the first two. Stuff that I write about now will make them made if they read it! :) So we'll keep the most recent ones in secret for a while!

But I haven't written since school started, so that was the end of Aug.. so that means I am two full months behind! I'm going to work on them today!

And! Remember that matchbox exchange that I wanted to do with somebody? Well Marion said she'd do it.. and I can't wait to post pictures! She spoiled me and I just love how she put it all together! As usual I am a procrastinator and don't have mine quite ready, though I did make a craft store run today to get some stuff to finish it up. Hopefully I'll show pictures tomorrow!


Rachel said...

wow...I have meant to do that for my kids, but have not. I guess my blog is sorta that. I heard you can print up your blogs into a book. Might do that someday. Maybe some posts I will dump. Who wants to remember stupid posts or depressing days???

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