Thursday, October 16, 2008

No pictures today!

A post isn't nearly as fun without pictures, is it?! I'm working on this pattern at the moment! I'm telling you stitching black on black isn't all that easy! Each section of the coffin is finished like a biscornu. (where you backstitch the edges and connect the backstitches) So that means each section of the coffin is actually two pieces. Then I have to stitch them all together. All the stitching is done for the top and bottom of the coffin, but now I have to do all the back stitching for all the little edge pieces. Not a big deal, but it's has to be counted just right!

It hasn't been as bad stitching on black as I thought it would be. But the fabric seems to be a little fuzzy, or maybe it's making my threads fuzzy or something. Know what I mean? :)

This is my main goal for right now. I've been on a Halloween kick lately, in all my years of stitching I've never even stitched any Halloween! But there's some cute stuff out this year. I need to get this done! Since it's not my "normal" style, AT ALL, I'm afraid if I leave it alone, I might not ever finish it!

Did anybody notice on the needle book cover it says, "Here Lay MYA needles" Why would it say MYA? I don't think I like that!

My good stitching buddy is at a retreat w/o me this weekend! It's the one in Myrtle Beach, SC! Then I heard another group of stitchers I know (though none local) are going to the stitching retreat in Chicago! BOO HISS SOB! I'm telling you... this is rough staying at home! :) I am getting to go to our annual weekend at Pigeon Forge this year. I've been the last five years or so, I guess! It's always a blast and I can't wait to get to that!

The boys have a 1/2 day today. That means Andrew is out at 11:00 and Luke is out at 12:45. So not much time to do anything today. I've decided I'm going to have my own stitching retreat and go stitch until Andrew calls here in 1 1/2 hrs!

Thanks to all who asked about Luke! He is doing much better. Still has a rugged, sort of cough each morning. He's taking his medicine so nicely. I tried a little bit of it and about gagged! Ick. But he goes and gets it every morning and evening! So nice! Now if it were Andrew.. oh my word! :) He hates any and all types of medicine! Hmm.. wonder where he got that from?! :)

Talk to you later. I'm off to stitch for a little bit!


Marion said...

Enjoy your stitching time Sara! I have done some Halloween in the past...I am on Little House Needleworks kick at the moment....and then on to some other things.

Marion said...

Sara, I have a question, a couple actually...what fabric are you using for the casket? Also where did you find that pattern?
It looks like it'll be amazing when done!!

saras said...

well, the pattern calls for handyed fabrics. But I like to go as cheap as possible! I'm using 32 ct black by zweigart. I forget what size of fabric it called for, but it was pretty big. Then the grey was supposed to be hand dyed too, but I just picked a plain light grey that they had in the LNS.