Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, that's annoying!

I just got home from lunch with my good stitching buddy, Linda. She is going to make a bag out of a bunch of cross stitched squares, so I did a bunch for her. They are all heart themed. I took a picture of them all, I know I did, and was going to post them after I gave them to her! So I took them to her today, came home to post the pictures.. and drat if I can't find them! I took a bunch at the same time, and deleted them all after I had posted them and I think I deleted the heart ones too!

Shucks! I stitched maybe eight or so different squares... You'll just have to believe me I guess!

The L&L is coming along great! The baby blanket is done except for the beading, and I've started on that section below the green.. I'm avoiding the red at all costs!

I'm hoping to meet up with my stitching group tomorrow for a few hours, so hopefully I'll get some stitching done then!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bye Bye Red

Surprisingly, it didn't take that long! Not compared to how long it took to stitch it! The fabric held up very well.. I'm not sure what type it is, but it's heavier and I really like it. Took me about two days to get all the red out. Last night I put on her head, arm, the baby's head and I started all the blanket. Anything to avoid the red for now!:)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


See the red part of the skirt? Yup, it's all wrong! Not only is it wrong, it's off rows and columns! I started it off the wrong green stitch! The symbols were very similar and that's the excuse I'm using!

After much help from my friends at 123mb, I've decided to just frog it! They had lots of great suggestions, however I am not capable of that!:)

I have a graph follower, I rarely change colors, never change the actual pattern.. I'm a good follower of directions!:)

So last night I watched Dancing w/the Stars, plus two episodes of Miss Guided and am not done with the frogging yet.

It is annoying, isn't it that it comes out so much quicker than it goes on? There are at least four shades of red, plus one blended needle! Wah, Sob!

When I start back, I'm going to star from the blue section and stitch the white, maybe go up and add the baby and put a head on the body and save the red until later! The dumb thing is I'm not 100% sure I like this pattern, and the fabric seems to small. I've measured it and double checked 100 times, and it says it's right, but it seems like it might be a tight fit! We shall see! I'll keep you updated!

Monday, March 24, 2008

When I Grow Up! (get finished)

Oops! I just realized I don't know how to rotate a picture! This is Joe Snow by Lizzie Kate.
This is a little book of samplers that are all stitched over one on 32 ct. Man that takes forever!:) It's gonna be very cool when it's finished. I'm just using plain ole DMC, cause I'm cheap!
This will be a needlecase. I change to a dyed yellow fabric and am using a Dye is Cast dk. blue thread. It's also over one, but the fabric is 28 ct. so not too bad!
This is finished. It's a pattern by Cherished Stitches. I changed the words, because it said something about a daughter, which I don't have!
This will be the July Box by Louise Henderson. Some stitching is over 2, the house and letters are over one.

This is part of the pattern Feed My Soul Stitches by The Cat's Whiskers. It will be a needlebook when it gets sewn!

This will be a little scissors case and strawberry fob by Cherished Stitches.

My stitching Weekend

I had the best weekend. My husband and I dropped the kids off at their grandparents for Friday and Saturday and DH and I went to HIS friend's house. Since it was his single male friend, I didn't have to do anything! I sat and stitched! They watched tons of basketball and played golf and the only time I got off the couch was to go to bed or to go eat! What kind of life is that? :)

I wanted to show you a few pictures. This is from a magazine and it is waiting for duck buttons (obviously!) My son saw it last night and said, that saying is dumb.. there's no ducks on the picture! :)

This is a Petite Exemplary No 1 by Ewe and Eye Friends that I stitched over two on 28ct. I figured it was way too big, so I stitched it over two on 50ct Irish Linen ! I set the floss beside it, so you could see how little it is!:)

This is a snowglobe nativity, it's actually only a tiny part of a much bigger snowglobe stocking. I just wanted the nativity snowglobe. Some day I'll show you all my nativities!

This uploading pictures is taking forever, so I'm going to try again later!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Linda Meyers Amish Quilt Show

This pattern almost got tossed in the UFO pile! (AKA trashcan) I started it before I knew much about fabric and it is a huge count! I think at least 24, if not bigger. But it's a very cheap fabric and you can about see right through it! There is a border that goes on the pattern, but I like realistic pictures, so left off the quilted border.

This is the last of my big pictures to show you! I have done quite a few other big projects, but they don't live with me anymore! My grandma has quite a few piece, my mom has plenty, my sister has a great finished project that I need to take my own picture of. She is not a stitcher, and I let her get online and pick a pattern she liked! Imagine my shock and eventual HORROR when I saw my first eight paged computer graphed pattern! When I finished it I swore I'd NEVER do another!

Then my little brother took this great picture and I knew I had to stitch it for him: The Bear! Course I have one more brother that doesn't have much of anything stitched by me! So he's next on the list... I just need to find the perfect pattern!

Amid Amish Life

This pattern can also be found in a magazine, though I forget which one! Cross Country Stitching maybe? I don't think that's right! The patterns were in three seperate magazine issues, but I heard it's been published in book form. I had it framed as all one piece; it was one of my favorites to stitch! The colors were so neat and bright and it's over two on 25 ct fabric! Loved it! :) As of now my three siblings are fighting over who gets it! Little do they know: I GET IT!


I want to get caught up with myself, so I can post things I am actually working on! But for now I'm going to post a few more projects I've finished with! It seems like when I get done with a huge project (the latest being The Bear) then I get hung up on a bunch of little things! I'm stitching a bunch of little patterns for a friend, but don't want to post a picture until I send them to her. So there isn't anything new to post! I need to find a large project that I really like! I have plenty of WIP's to pick from, but none are calling my name! I have a L&L Angel started and I messed up on it BIG time! I'll have to take a picture to show you! It's the biggest mess up I've ever made... I counted wrong! DUH! And it's not just off a few stitches two whole sections are completly wrong! I'm not exactly sure what to do besides tossing it, so I put it away until I can make up my mind!

Here are few older pieces!

This one was an RR that my Diva RR did a long time ago! :) It's a Paula Vaughn pattern, I forget the name of it, maybe Going to Church? Or something similar!

This is another PV. It's called Perfect Patterns. It's not a great picture, but I couldn't get it with the frame and all without getting the kitchen's overhead light reflected in it! Sorry for the goofy angle! I have no idea when I finished this one.. probably almost ten years ago now!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Off to Bed!

Now that I've discovered who quickly you can load a picture.. you girls better watch out! :) I need to start keeping track of what I'm stitching! I'm on a kick of doing small things right now, as you can tell from the big pictures, I'm running out of wall space!

I doing lots of "smalls", my problem is of course doing the finishing work on them! I sort of know how, but I just like the stitching part so much better!

I'm off to bed!

Angel of Cross Stitch

This is from a few years ago, back then it used EVERY SINGLE DMC color available! 350 I think! Anyway it was a lot of fun to stitch.. those wings have over 70 colors/shades of grey and white in them! It was from a magazine, I'm not sure which one.

L&L Mothers Tree

This is six generations of mothers in my family! It sort of ends with me, since I have two boys! I still wish I would have ended it by stitching my name then "mother of two boys" Oh well! There is plenty of extra fabric under the frame! That was back in the "Just in case we have another baby" days! We're over that now! It hangs on my wall over a shelf that has pictures of each mother! Love this one too!

I'm adding a picture of how I have this pattern hung. (how do I get indoor pictures w/o having the reflection of the overhead lights??) It's not a great picture, but you get the main idea! The older pictures are very cool, you can definitely tell the changes in time!
We have recently moved into a new house (new town too) and I've got to get our walls painted! All these pictures look so much better on a darker wall! Someday...

L&L Guardian Angel

You know, this is all Julie's fault! She told me how to upload a picture! This one was framed by the same lady who framed the bear! I just used to send her my pieces and she'd frame them however she wanted too! I absolutely LOVED this one! :) One of my favorites!

Marbek Nativity

Okay, here's my pride and joy! :) A great-uncle of mine used to always give me little crafty things whenever I would see him. When he passed away, I used the money he left me to buy this frame, all the supplies, patterns, fabric, etc to make this!

We haven't painted our walls yet, so it looks a little bit boring on the beige wall! Most times when people see it, they don't even know it's stitched!

My Bear Project

This is my first time posting a picture in a blog, so not sure how this will turn out!:) This is a bear pattern that took me WAY too long to finish! It was a pattern made for me personally by Jamie from White Willow Stitching. It was made from an actual photo that my brother took.

Unfortunately, even after checking it a multitude of times, there is ONE BLANK SQUARE! Ugh! I think it must have been a confetti stitch that got pulled out during framing.

The other cool thing about this, is that the lady who framed it retired this year and after MANY years in the industry, she did this as her final piece. She even mentioned it and signed it on the back.

Don't tell my brother, but I don't really like this picture!:) I think it's cause of years of looking at it as a WIP! (work-in-progress) He is thrilled with it, so that makes me happy!

Oh dear!

I'm sensing a theme in my titles! I just went to a blog I love to frequent and saw she posted MY BLOG! Yikes! I guess that means I actually need to post something! My life just seem so unexciting! Maybe tomorrow I'll post some of my big cross-stitch patterns and you'll all be suitably impressed!

Monday, March 10, 2008


I actually got three comments! Uh-oh! That means people might actually listen to what I have to say?!! Yikes.. I might just post more often! I think I'm going to keep track of all my finished cross-stitching that I've done this year...ought to be quite a list, some say I'm a fast stitcher. Course I don't really care that my stitches are perfectly flat or perfectly guess that's why I'm a faster stitcher than some! I'll have to go through my stuff and see what all I've stitched this year.. I really have no idea!

Blogging 101

I guess I am daring to enter the world of blogging! I'm convinced my life is way too boring to have much to say, but my good friend has convinced me otherwise! :) So maybe I'll just give it a try for a few months and see how it turns out!