Friday, March 28, 2008

Well, that's annoying!

I just got home from lunch with my good stitching buddy, Linda. She is going to make a bag out of a bunch of cross stitched squares, so I did a bunch for her. They are all heart themed. I took a picture of them all, I know I did, and was going to post them after I gave them to her! So I took them to her today, came home to post the pictures.. and drat if I can't find them! I took a bunch at the same time, and deleted them all after I had posted them and I think I deleted the heart ones too!

Shucks! I stitched maybe eight or so different squares... You'll just have to believe me I guess!

The L&L is coming along great! The baby blanket is done except for the beading, and I've started on that section below the green.. I'm avoiding the red at all costs!

I'm hoping to meet up with my stitching group tomorrow for a few hours, so hopefully I'll get some stitching done then!

Have a good weekend!

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