Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Other Life

Well, besides stitching I do have another life! :)

DH does a lot of work with youth in the state of NC. His main job is to get them involved in missions in NC, in the states and a few times overseas. We do that all of June and July. But during April and May he does all kind of planning trips, to set up all the different activities we have the youth do. We're talking over 1,500 youth this summer. So it's no small job! Trust me! :)

This week is spring break for our boys. So when DH asked me to go with him to the NC mountains for a few days, I said sure! Thankfully my wonderful inlaws live on the way, and we dropped the kids off with them! :) So they got the grandkids and we got a break! :)

Not sure we didn't get much of a break. We had 4-5 meetings, plus DH led a conference last night which lasted pretty late. Today we drove back to pick up kids which happened to be in the same town where DH had another planning meeting!

Anybody tired yet?! Don't be.... we head to Pennsylvania tomorrow! My grandpa turns 91 on Sunday, my grandma will be 92 in June. They are both in excellent health and still drive and have a schedule about as busy as mine! But recently grandpa hasn't been doing too great. He's having trouble with his breathing and his lungs filling with fluid.

SO.... we're driving up to spend a few more days with them. I think, each time we go, that it will be the last time I see one or both of them. And so far, they've proven me wrong! Thank God, right?! Here I am mid 30's now (SCARY) and have yet to really experience my grandparents passing away. It's gonna be rough, I already know.

I have been doing a little stitching. Faye shared some proof! I stitched a little something on the way to the mountains'll go in the mail tomorrow. I finished the pinpillow that was due April 1st for Becky's exchange. And I finished a heart themed quilt square that was also due April 1st. And I sent Faye her gift and also sent another blog reader a little something.

By the way, I noticed I have 50 followers! That's pretty cool...I need to do a contest sometime to up my numbers, I guess! :) No time this week, maybe next week!!

SO, there ya have it! I don't have a single picture, except for what Faye took, so you'll just have to believe me!

Happy Easter every one!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The other weekend, I managed to squeeze in tons of stitching! :) Started around 6:3opm on Friday, I stitched until almost 2am. I was so tired, I was falling asleep with my needle in the fabric, between stitches!

Saturday, up bright and early....back to my same seat! I stitched until 6:30pm. I did eat lunch, supper was a can of soda and some candy. I'm so healthy, I can't help it!

Saturday, my project of choice was Flower Power!! I spent the entire day in a pile of daisies! that's right, backstitching---ALL DAY---!! That part definitely wasn't Paradise!

I even managed to squeeze in a few more hours on Sunday, and I even got to move out of the daisies! I'd tell you what patch I went to next, but I know nothing about flowers! I still have most of the pink flowers left to backstitch!

I still have this much more waiting for some of my BS abilities: (oh come on, that's funny!)

Won't have another chance at Paradise, until I head to Sue Hillis' Memorial Day stitch-in! This will be my third trip... and we have a blast! My chauffeur is already making our plans!

And then life will get crazy! Our spring schedule is nearly as crazy as our summer schedule! But I just found out in July, I'm going to get to meet some of my Candian friends, during our trip up there with 60 teenagers! :) Might even get to hit an LNS, can't wait!

This week I've been just working on little things! I stitched something ugly the other day, and Faye made is so pretty! So I stitched Faye something ugly too, but she's gonna have to do the pretty part again!

A new stitching friend did me a great favor, so I stitched her a little something. It's not ugly at all, but I'm going to have to do the pretty part myself.

And I'm finishing up a charity square for a little girl's quilt. Oh and I have a pincushion due to be mailed the end of this month. It's stitched, just need to put it together.

So now you're up to date on my stitching life! Who cares about my other life, right?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost finished!!

Seems like finishes around here take a few different steps! Unless I sent it to Faye! :)

I did my very first flatfolds the other day. They didn't turn out too badly! I still need to add the trim to both of them. Actually, I might only add trim to the snowman, I might leave the LHN as it is. What do you think?

I finished a few little pillows. I stitched these in time for Valentine's Day, but, well, you know! At least I'll have them for next year, right?

Then I had been seeing the pillows with matching fabric on the front, so thought I'd try a few of those. My favorite one is the turkey. Just happened to have the fabric, and it matched the dyed threads perfectly! I took these pictures before I stuffed them, just need to add some ribbons and buttons or something!

And remember I started this the other day? It will be finished in the shape of a heart, if I can figure out how to do it! LOL

And then I've been wanting to join in Sylvi's SAL. She releases one each month, and so far I'm three months behind. I'm hoping to get caught up and then just stitch each one as she releases them. We'll see! I'm going to stitch them all in one long line, stitched over one on 25 ct.

Course I always have Flower Power in the wings, and right now I need to finish up a pincushion for an exchange and stitch a quilt square.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Finishing Fairy Came!!!

Remember a few days ago when I was whining about my U.G.L.Y little pattern that I had stitched. I had wanted to stitch it for months and months and then was so disappointed when it turned out UGLY!

My new real life stitching friend, Faye, was sure she could make it pretty! Mmm, Hmm... sure I thought! I sent it to her on Friday.

TODAY I have a package crammed into my box (grrr...mailman!) and I was shocked to see it was from Faye, already!

I was thinking maybe she'd put a little fabric on the back and maybe a hangar.. but NO! You should see this little thing in person! All the little details are so cute! Check out the scissors hanging from the little ribbon, with the little button!

She even made the back a little fancier! Why don't I think of stuff like that?

I told Faye she better watch out, or I was going to send her my whole pile of stuff I need finishing! She is WAY more creative than I am!

She doesn't live too far away... hmm!! Wonder if she'd notice a huge pile of things that need finishing, added to her own pile?

Thanks again Faye! I just love to pieces!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Send the Finishing Fairy...QUICK!

A few months ago, I had a huge pile of finished cross-stitch that needed something done to it. Slowly, but surely I about worked through all of it!

The other day, I got to thinking about my pile of little finished cross-stitch. And knew I had to do something about it!

At one point I had picked out the backing fabric! That's a start, right?

But already there was this other growing pile of ones I hadn't even picked a fabric for yet!

All together now: "SENT THE FINISHING FAIRY!"

Have you seen that commercial where the man is in bed waiting for the Good Credit Fairy and his wife finally helps him realize there isn't one!

I figured the Finishing Fairy wouldn't ever come, and thankfully DH is out of town today and tomorrow. SO... I skipped the gym, skipped the grocery store, and put on my Tutu! That is what Fairy's wear, right?

So far, I have three itty-bitty little Valentine pillows put together. Four medium size pillows and two flat folds! These were my very first flat folds, and the medium size pillows were made differently than I usually make them!

They are all stuffed, (Luke said it looked gross!) just need to close them up and add some trim or beads or something, we'll see!

I did clean the bathrooms today! All 2 1/2 of them, thank you very much!!

Stupid Flatfolds

That's all I'm saying for now! :) Okay, maybe they aren't STUPID, maybe I'm the STUPID one who can NOT cut four pieces of cardboard exactly even, no matter how many rulers I use!!!

Pictures soon... if I don't throw them away first!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Faye, who I've gotten to know in real life, swears she can make this thing look pretty! :) I finished stitching it tonight and actually the greenery makes it look a little better. Though I still think it hovers pretty close to the U.G.L.Y. category! :)

Ooh, and I added the eyes, which I like. Not too sure about that mouth though! Who has a french knot for a mouth? Are they supposed to be singing? I need to iron it, before I can add the beads.

And check out Willy! :) He's sitting there by his little penguin buddy! Aren't they cuties?

And of course, I had to start something else new! This is by Blackbird Designs, I think. It's called Sweet Heart, it's supposed to finished in the shape of a heart. The fabric is about the right shade, but not exactly what the pattern called for. I started on another green, but realized it was 28ct, so put that up. And this is really too small of a count, I'm pretty sure it's only 40 ct., but I think I'll like it better on this fabric.

Now where does the Finishing Fairy live, so she can come finish all these little projects into something wonderful?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Ahead... Pick Your Chin Up Off The Floor!

Yes Ma'ams (do any Sirs read this blog?!) here are some pictures of stitching! I know, shocking!! Before you scold me, I have NOT stopped stitching Flower Power! I just haven't picked it up in a few weeks! I've been busy! But this Friday and Saturday are PURE stitching days, so Flower Power it is!

I'll list them in order of my favorite, how 'bout that? I can tell this is going to be my favorite already! It goes with the little penguin I stitched a month or so ago. It's going to be a polar bear, but check out the scarf! Ooh, I love it! It's called Willy's Gift by Stitchy Kitty and I stitched it on 32 ct. pink linen (which I LOVE and have almost used it all up!) stitched with plain ole DMC!

I've wanted to stitch this one for almost two years! I even used the right fabric! 35ct. Havana by Weeks Dye Works. I love their fabrics. Whenever I see it in person, I think I don't like it.. but when I stitch on it, I LOVE IT! :) This is called Smell My Feet by La-D-Da. It was in the original October Ornament issue. I didn't use the proper green...this is Margarita by Crescent Colors... :)

I've seen this one on tons of ya'lls blogs! I just noticed I forgot the eyes and nose. I need to add those, unless they plan to be Amish. This is "Fa-la-la" by LHN. And I didn't add the red beads yet! Whoops!

Last but not least... another icky pattern. This happened to me before, remember? I had a pattern I had wanted to stitch for forever and when I finally did, I didn't like it! In fact, I sent that one to someone who visited my blog! This pattern is by BlackBird designs and is called Small Token. It's supposed to be small, this baby isn't small.. she's 4 by 5! I didn't use the correct dyed threads, or the right fabric. Darn it! lol I hate that my initials are so boring, I've got to change the white before it pokes somebody's eyes out. I was hoping if I add some antique lace around the edge when I finish it, I'd like it more....but I can barely bring myself to finish it!

Let's sing together:





You ain't got no alibi, You ugly! ooh, ooh, You ugly!

Oh, sorry, got distracted there for a minute! That was a cheer from high school that I start singing every time I hear the world UGLY.

So I have been stitching! Poor Dh is sick, but that means I have lots of stitching time in the evenings. So hopefully will finish up the polar bear tonight.

Last weekend, I went with Andrew to his Science competition. It was the first time I've really seen him interact with his school friends, since he's gone to middle school. I happened to snap this picture... I think it's a great one of him! Wish it weren't so dark! I love his natural smile in it! I rarely manage to capture that in person. He's a great kid! But you see that green jacket? Yeah, he wears it EVERY SINGLE DAY, all day long! Zipped up, just like that....

Here is his whole team, he is smack in the middle behind their sign!

Yes, school is spelled wrong! :) Hey, these kids are SMART, they can't be bothered with the details! Their teacher's granddaughter made the sign, and well.. what can you say?! Didn't want to hurt her feelings! They did draw a black marker C later during the day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blocking Readers??

Okay, so maybe 4-5 times I've gotten comments left on my blog in Chinese writing. I didn't think much about it, since I have been to a few Chinese blogs. Then I clicked on the link, and well let's just say it's not a site I would ever plan to visit! :) HA

So, is there any way to block this certain poster from leaving comments on my blog? I don't want to have to approve everybody's comments, since there is only one that is being difficult!

Any ideas?! I just delete it whenever I get one...anything else I can do?

Thank Ya!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Inspirations Magazine #65

Alright all you stitchy detectives!!! Anybody have access to the Australian magazine Inspirations? I'm looking for the latest issue #65. Would you please email me if you can help me? Do I need to beg? Will that help? I think I'd beg for this one!! :)

I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. Andrew has a big science competition. I'm sneaking some stitching with me! His even is only for an hour...but we'll be there 7:30-2:30. Apparently he wants to watch the rest of his team! Gotta get up at 6:00 AM! Not fair for a Saturday, is it?! :)

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Few Pictures...I mean a TON of pictures!

These are mostly people pictures! :) I'm not much of scenery type of picture person! I'd rather see faces! If you'd rather see scenery...sorry!

This is the house where we stayed!

This is the view from the top porch!

Here's our whole group together! We went to church on the Sunday we were there. We got a little bit lost, and ended up showing up late. Which wouldn't have been bad, if our group hadn't DOUBLED the church size! LOL We totally interrupted the service! Then when everyone was greeting us, the pastor figured out where DH worked..and long story short, DH preached the sermon! LOL He said he'd never preached in shorts and a golf shirt before! He did a great job too!

Here are the four "big kids" at the Pearl Harbor Memorial:

This is my big brother and his wife, you can see the memorial from Pearl Harbor behind them. (what an incredible memorial!)

I love these types of picture. This is my big brother with his middle daughter. He has three girls and is great with all of them!

Me and my sister. You'd think the one from Alaska would be the whiter one..but no! She's a fake n' baker! Do you know that term? :)

This is my baby brother...isn't he a cutie? And his wife's name is Sarah too. Gets a little confusing! He calls me "sister Sara" and she is "wife Sara" I'm constantly asking him if he's talking to me or not!

Here he is with his baby, Riley. They call him Rye Guy most of the time. I thought it was silly when I first heard it, but it suits him fine! He took a tumble down five outdoor steps while we were there...poor guy got a few HUGE goose eggs on his forehead!

This is Riley's big sister Anna. Isn't she a poser?! Such a cutie!

And this is Riley's other sister Bailey. Last time I saw her, she was so quiet and shy that she would barely speak to me. We had a great time together this week, we played tons of I Spy! She
is her own person, and is hilarious!

Andrew loved reading books to the little girls. He does such a great job with them!

Luke spent hours building this fort with his cousins! He was devasted when the neighbors came and took the large piece of driftwood from their fort. Seems they really needed it! The neighbors rebuilt the fort, but they never played in it after that! See the little one in the pink? She would NOT give Luke a minute alone! She wanted to constantly hug him, sit by him, eat with him, swim with him, play pool with him, etc. He was great with it, until the last day! Midway through our evacuation, we were riding a train at the Dole Plantation and he said, "Please, Mom! Don't let her sit by me!" For once in his life, Luke got to be the one with all the ideas! The one who controlled all the make-believe play! Thankfully these girls loved it and thought he had "the best ideas ever"!

Snapped this while the "big cousins" were watching a dolphin show! Aren't they a bunch of cuties?

These two are a hoot! They both told their moms that they didn't mean to get wet! They wear dresses constantly, even into the ocean apparently! (the one on the left is actually two years YOUNGER than the one on the right)

This is Andrew with the oldest cousin Ashley. They have both hit middle school, and it's a different world with these two! (check out my Dad in the background.. that is RARE!)

Last but not least, here's DH and me! This was the morning of the tsunami evacuation! I'm sporting my "woke up at 6:30, packed everything we owned, dragged kids out of bed, packed the cars, shoved breakfast down our throats, go to higher ground" look! Nice, huh? :)

We hadn't been together for forever. In fact, besides my mom and my sister, I hadn't seen any of them for 14 months...of course that means I had never even met Rye Guy!v It amazes me how quickly the kids hit it off! They get together so well, and have a blast! I think this was probably the first time there were no fights...well if you don't count the sibling fights! I try to go home, once a year. We do this big group every two years. Not sure where we'll go next! This house had so much room, that we all loved it and are hoping for another trip back in a few years!

The rest of the gang is all still there...I'm trying not to think about it! Glad to be back home, but the break was great!

Back to stitching, I hope!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Look at all my finishes!!

Look at all the stitching I got done on vacation!! :) We had some VERY LONG flights, including an 8 hr direct flight from Dallas to Honolulu, one week with "nothing to do" and an even longer flight home. So I wanted to show you everything I got stitched:

Oh wait.. you don't see anything?

Let me try again....

Oh, yeah, that's right! I stitched NOTHING. Nada. Zilch!

However I did manage to:

soak in some sun

play Foosball with my 13 yr old niece

swim with dolphins

walk the beach

watch surfers

eat lots of shave ice: YUMMO

play card games with us "big kids"

color with my little nieces

play 50 million games of ISpy with my nieces

visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial

watch an international surf competition

help my boys do homework
(that was ROUGH! who wants to do homework in Hawaii?)

survive a tsunami threat

pack and evacuate rental house in less than 30 min.

visit the Dole Plantation

ate pineapple ice cream

did the World's Largest Maze (some of the adults maybe have quit!)

built sandcastles

buried my neices in sand and gave them mermaid sand tails!

said goodbye to my family

ran through Detroit airport to catch a five minute connection

fall into bed exhausted!

Anybody wonder why all four of us slept the entire four hour flight from Honolulu to Seattle? Luke doesn't even remember getting on the plane! :) We were so exhausted! But we had a great time. I need to go through my pictures and post a few of the great ones.

Today was full of unpacking, grocery shopping, and laundry. Hoping to take a "me day" tomorrow!