Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Ahead... Pick Your Chin Up Off The Floor!

Yes Ma'ams (do any Sirs read this blog?!) here are some pictures of stitching! I know, shocking!! Before you scold me, I have NOT stopped stitching Flower Power! I just haven't picked it up in a few weeks! I've been busy! But this Friday and Saturday are PURE stitching days, so Flower Power it is!

I'll list them in order of my favorite, how 'bout that? I can tell this is going to be my favorite already! It goes with the little penguin I stitched a month or so ago. It's going to be a polar bear, but check out the scarf! Ooh, I love it! It's called Willy's Gift by Stitchy Kitty and I stitched it on 32 ct. pink linen (which I LOVE and have almost used it all up!) stitched with plain ole DMC!

I've wanted to stitch this one for almost two years! I even used the right fabric! 35ct. Havana by Weeks Dye Works. I love their fabrics. Whenever I see it in person, I think I don't like it.. but when I stitch on it, I LOVE IT! :) This is called Smell My Feet by La-D-Da. It was in the original October Ornament issue. I didn't use the proper green...this is Margarita by Crescent Colors... :)

I've seen this one on tons of ya'lls blogs! I just noticed I forgot the eyes and nose. I need to add those, unless they plan to be Amish. This is "Fa-la-la" by LHN. And I didn't add the red beads yet! Whoops!

Last but not least... another icky pattern. This happened to me before, remember? I had a pattern I had wanted to stitch for forever and when I finally did, I didn't like it! In fact, I sent that one to someone who visited my blog! This pattern is by BlackBird designs and is called Small Token. It's supposed to be small, this baby isn't small.. she's 4 by 5! I didn't use the correct dyed threads, or the right fabric. Darn it! lol I hate that my initials are so boring, I've got to change the white before it pokes somebody's eyes out. I was hoping if I add some antique lace around the edge when I finish it, I'd like it more....but I can barely bring myself to finish it!

Let's sing together:





You ain't got no alibi, You ugly! ooh, ooh, You ugly!

Oh, sorry, got distracted there for a minute! That was a cheer from high school that I start singing every time I hear the world UGLY.

So I have been stitching! Poor Dh is sick, but that means I have lots of stitching time in the evenings. So hopefully will finish up the polar bear tonight.

Last weekend, I went with Andrew to his Science competition. It was the first time I've really seen him interact with his school friends, since he's gone to middle school. I happened to snap this picture... I think it's a great one of him! Wish it weren't so dark! I love his natural smile in it! I rarely manage to capture that in person. He's a great kid! But you see that green jacket? Yeah, he wears it EVERY SINGLE DAY, all day long! Zipped up, just like that....

Here is his whole team, he is smack in the middle behind their sign!

Yes, school is spelled wrong! :) Hey, these kids are SMART, they can't be bothered with the details! Their teacher's granddaughter made the sign, and well.. what can you say?! Didn't want to hurt her feelings! They did draw a black marker C later during the day!


Kathy A. said...

Yep, you ben stitching. Even if you weren't sure you liked it you stitched.
Wonderful, chatty post. I really enjoyed it.

Melissa C said...

Hey, I know that song and cheer. Is the polar bear one that can be shared? I would love to have him to go with the penguin.

Robin said...

I think you must have withdraw from your vacation! Your little pattern is not Icky and it certainly is not UGLY like you think. Your son is going to be a handsome young man! His jacket reminds me of a god awful goofy hat I used to insist on wearing and I thought I was so cool in it!

FayeRaye said...

Hey now.... That "little" pattern is NOT ugly...Mail it to me and will doo-dee it up awesomely for you!~~~ And thank goodness they went back and put that c in the word school..... My school teacher eyebrows got raised up!~~ Nice stitchies~~

Carolyn NC said...

Now that's what I call P-R-E-T-T-Y - the stitching! You've gotten so much done. Don't you hate a pattern you quit liking a long time ago...
Great pics of your cutie!
Guess what I got in the mail - your last Friendship RR to stitch - Deborah's! Hey you might even get yours back within a year - wasn't the first mailing Mar. 15?