Thursday, March 11, 2010


Faye, who I've gotten to know in real life, swears she can make this thing look pretty! :) I finished stitching it tonight and actually the greenery makes it look a little better. Though I still think it hovers pretty close to the U.G.L.Y. category! :)

Ooh, and I added the eyes, which I like. Not too sure about that mouth though! Who has a french knot for a mouth? Are they supposed to be singing? I need to iron it, before I can add the beads.

And check out Willy! :) He's sitting there by his little penguin buddy! Aren't they cuties?

And of course, I had to start something else new! This is by Blackbird Designs, I think. It's called Sweet Heart, it's supposed to finished in the shape of a heart. The fabric is about the right shade, but not exactly what the pattern called for. I started on another green, but realized it was 28ct, so put that up. And this is really too small of a count, I'm pretty sure it's only 40 ct., but I think I'll like it better on this fabric.

Now where does the Finishing Fairy live, so she can come finish all these little projects into something wonderful?


Kathy A. said...

No Finishing Fairy here - try Vonna's house LOL

Vicky L said...

I think your Pins and Needles are pretty. Willy is so cute. Wasnt Fa La La fun to stitch? I still have to make mine into a ornament. Great job, Sara!

Carolyn NC said...

Send it to Faye - I promise she can turn it into something you'll like! Great stitching.

Teresa said...

I love it Sara....just send it to me when you finish it so you won't have to look at it LOL....I LOVE those colors.

Susan said...

Don't think Pins and Needles is ugly at all! Love the penguin, too!