Friday, March 5, 2010

Inspirations Magazine #65

Alright all you stitchy detectives!!! Anybody have access to the Australian magazine Inspirations? I'm looking for the latest issue #65. Would you please email me if you can help me? Do I need to beg? Will that help? I think I'd beg for this one!! :)

I'm going to be gone all day tomorrow. Andrew has a big science competition. I'm sneaking some stitching with me! His even is only for an hour...but we'll be there 7:30-2:30. Apparently he wants to watch the rest of his team! Gotta get up at 6:00 AM! Not fair for a Saturday, is it?! :)

Enjoy the weekend!


Robin said...

I just received my very first copy of Inspirations and it happens to be #65. What info do you want? How to subscribe? Their website? I can help you with that but I can't tell you where to buy it. A member of our guild ordered for us as a group. If you want, I could scan the order form and email it to you.

Check out It is their website. Maybe there is a link for distributors.

PS This edition is fabulous! Also welcome home from vacation. Sorry you had to go from tropical relaxation to hectic days with student activities! Too much of a shock!

Vicky said...

If you want me to get you a copy email me. I live in Australia.

DebbieSFL said...

You can find them at Joann's and at Books A Million here in Tallahassee, FL. If you don't have there, just shoot me an email and I will pick up for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to pick up a copy if you haven't got one already :) (I'm in Sydney, Australia)