Monday, May 31, 2010

Hedgehog freebie

I know Pat is stopping by to find the post for the Hedgehog pattern! :) I thought I'd help her find it and searched and searced a ton of posts.... when you click this link, look at the title of the post! DUH!! It's been a long weekend!

Had a great weekend at Sue's! I even got to stitch her model for our weekend project! Yeah me! :) My kids were completely unimpressed! I told my oldest, it'd be like if Lego put one of his projects on their website. He said, "oh anybody can do that! you just have to upload the picture!"

So much for impressing my kids! :)

More details coming, gotta go back to being a mom!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I Don't Mean to Brag, but....

Well, okay maybe I do! :) In two hours my stitching buddy is picking me up and we're heading to a stitch-in with the infamous Sue Hillis in Richmond, Virginia. Yeah! This is our 3rd time going and there is going to be a huge group of ladies! Some we've met before and some brand new to Sue's. We have ladies flying in and two ladies coming from Australia! :)

I really, really wanted to get all four little turtles done to take to Sue's. But after I saw my "to do" list yesterday, I thought that there was no way it was going to happen! We had invited our youth pastor and his wife over for dinner. And we had been gone for days and my house had been attacked by Star Wars Lego pieces while I was gone! I keep telling myself that one day I will miss all the lego's, right?!!!

I cleaned my house.
Grocery shopped.
Did laundry.
Mopped, yup I actually mopped! They have a crawling baby, so wanted to make sure the floor was good and clean!
Packed for Sue's.


Finally sat down and FINISHED my two last turtles. One is a pocket and the pocket is so tiny that I have no idea what in the world might fit in it! I'm talking about an inch of room. The last one is a pincushion and it sure is a weenie little pin cushion! I put the four layers of batting in there, but it still feels a little wimpy!

No time to take pictures, but I'll post some after the weekend.

Gotta get Andrew to school. Finish packing for Sue's. Take Luke to school. Get my food out of the fridge and then wait impatiently on the porch for my ride! :)

We're hitting an LNS on the way... we gotta beat the crowd you know!

The weekend is full of fun events and we always have a blast!

I need a break really badly at the moment! Our life is getting ready to hit WIDE OPEN! One of our college students moves in on Monday for two weeks. My mom comes middle of next week. Will have all eight of our college staff live with us the four days before we hit the road. Gotta finish a lot of work for our Bible schools on the road. Then we'll be gone for eight weeks of mission work with teenagers. Including a week in Canada and ten days in Honduras!

Gotta run! :) Have a great weekend, I know I will!

Hey Daffycat...I keep trying to keep your advice and keep my posts short, it just never happens! I think that means I'm a motormouth? :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Brilliant Kids

My kids are pretty smart. I mean, I know I'm their mom, but I'm just saying! They don't have any problems at school. Both can easily use a computer. They can program a cell phone without a second thought. Digital big deal! etc.etc. etc.

Today on our way to Dh's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary dinner, we stopped by his Nanny's house. Now Nanny, mid 80's, is in no way up-to-date with any technological item. In fact she still has an old fashion,in the cabinet style, PINK oven with a matching pink stove and pink phone.

Luke (10 1/2) was playing with all his old toys from when he was a little boy. Actually, I think most of the toys were from when DH was a little boy, and he showed me the Fisher Price rotary phone and was telling me how much he loved it. So I reminded him that there used to be real phones like that toy phone! And he was SHOCKED!

Remember that pink phone?! Well it happens to be a rotary phone. So I took Luke into the kitchen and he was shocked at the rotary phone. I told him he could use it, no problem. So he sticks his finger into one of the holes and says:


I had to show him how to move the dial around to the little bar, let go, and pick your next number you need to dial.

Poor kid! He had NO IDEA how to dial on a rotary phone! I let him call his Mamaw's number, just to try out the dialing! Then he called his brother. Then he called his dad. Then he called me!

Then his brother (age 13) got on the phone and called his own cell phone and talked to himself. I don't get it either...the kid is weird!

The old rotary phone (which, by the way, Nanny is still renting from the phone company! LOL) kept them occupied for a good 30 minutes!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another finish!

That's all I can show you for now! ha

I received a lovely email from a lady, and she asked me to stitch her a little certain something...but it's TOP SECRET! Oh yeah! You didn't know I was that special, did you?!

Okay, neither did I! And really I'm not!

As you may or may not know, I'm a big fabric snob. I use the ittiest-bittiest piece of fabric possible to stitch things on! I hate wasting fabric.

So the certain lady sends me all the supplies and above is the picture of the piece of fabric she sent! That piece that is missing, is actually double what I stitched! I had to use extra to do the finishing.

Wonder if she meant for me to stitch it eight times?!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quaker Turtles!!! warning tons of pictures

Luke had a friend come to play, and Andrew was golfing with daddy! Perfect day to make some turtles!

Ready, Get Set, Go.. well, maybe I better start with this:
a little bit before 1:00 I had all my pieces cut out, the bottom shell was laced onto the posterboard and the head was finished.

by 2:06 I was done with half, but it was the hardest half! I sewed all the little legs together, and attached all the legs, tail and head to the bottom shell but I still needed to attach the fabric lining. The poor thing looks ugly, doesn't she! (Hope Ellen doesn't see this!)

How about some lining?

How about a place to put some needles?

Wanna see the bottom shell? Yes I have boring initials! Nothing I can do about it!!!!

By 2:36 (not that I was looking at a clock!) I had put together the top shell, which was super easy since it only had stuffing in it.

It was around this time that my friend calls and ends up dropping her son off to play too. When she came to the door she wanted to see my turtle. So I showed her noncrafty self my nearly finished mommy turtle and she innocently says, "What do you do with it?" So I was explaining how it would hold my needles, and my wonderful son answered her question quite truthfully!

Hey, the truth hurts sometimes! ha

It took another 30 minutes to attach the buttons and make that stupid detached buttonhole stitch! I can NOT do that one pretty! I had forgotten to buy green buttons and look at the cute little ones I had in my stash!

Yeah for Mommy Turtle! That wasn't so bad!!

At 3:20 I decided to start the baby. And by 4:47 I was completely done with the baby, even made my cording. Even attached him to my gingher scissors!

Baby had a few issues though! Somehow I had managed to sew on the bottom shell crooked! For about five minutes I thought I could live with it!

I really thought I could live with it. But it was just awful! Wouldn't you agree!???

Fifteen minutes later, poor Baby looked like this!

Took a break, to take all the ten year old boys home! Well, one had to stay...he lives here!

At 6:40 I take my second attempt to make a baby! (oh shush!) Somehow I even managed to take the itty-bitty thing apart and not even cut any of my backstitches! That's a miracle in itself!

By 7:30 or so, baby looked much bettter! And I was much happier with it! Wouldn't you agree?

There are two other turtles that go with the set. One pincushion and one is a pocket. I thought there was no reason to stitch them. But these two are so darn cute.. I think I'm going to stitch the other two. They will be easy to put together now that I have the hang of it!

*edited to add one more picture*

Please don't tell Luke he's right! It might get ugly!!
DH just called and asked what I've been doing all day! I said, "Making baby turtles!" He said, "Huh?" I said, "DUH!"

He's gonna be here in 30 minutes, wonder if I can get all my laundry done in 30 minutes?! :)

Poor Baby Turtle

Poor baby turtle is having some issues! Momma turtle is waiting patiently.....

Quaker Turtles

Today is the day! We finished the pinewood derby race with my youngest. My oldest is doing a golf tournament with his Dad. (that should be interesting!) My youngest now has his friend over and I am going to attempt


I've finished the stitching on the biggest turtle, and on the itty-bitty turtle. The designer, Ellen, has told me starting with the biggest one is going to be the best bet. So that's on my agenda for today!

Dh and my oldest will be gone until around 8pm and surely my youngest and his friend can keep themselves occupied for a few hours!

It's 12:00 noon... stay tuned! ha

Friday, May 14, 2010

Look what I found!!

I was on the hunt for a picture of a pilllow I made for my Grandma, YEARS ago! And I remembered my old webshots album! Look at the picture I found! I miss those boys!!
Look at us now! Yikes! I think I look better six years ago!
Man, I've been online a long time! :)

One Week, One Year

I can hardly believe it! In one week, it will be my one year blog anniversary. Really? I can't believe I lasted this long! I love reading other people's blogs, but have thought I should stop mine a million times! LOL But for now, I'm still here! :)

All day today is a big BBQ fundraiser at our church. I was supposed to make desserts. I went a little crazy! :) I made:

Chaco Bar cake: Luke found the recipe in his 3rd grade reading book and insisted I make it. I'll admit I did it a little grudgingly! But boy I'm glad I did! It's like a big yummy chunk of chocolate chip cookies!

Banana Split Cake: Doesn't really have cake in it at all. Graham cracker crust, layer of cream cheese and sugar, layer of pineapple chunks and banana slices, next layer cool whip and vanilla pudding mix, top with cool whip and pecans. YUM!

Brownies: I was just going to make them from the box. But on the back was a recipe that looked really yummy! Brownies on the bottom, a layer of icing and pecans, and the top layer is rice krispie cereal mixed with melted peanut butter and chocolate chips. YUM!

Cupcakes: I'm assuming some kids will be there! :) So made some simple cupcakes and put bright shiny colored sprinkles on them. Boy they look yummy!

Hope it all gets eaten! I sure don't want to bring it all home! Well, maybe I do! LOL

Still working on my quilt square! Hopefully on Saturday I'll have some time to stitch! We'll see!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Need Some Privacy

I'm watching our pastor's daughter today. She (M) is three years old, and a lot of fun! Full of questions and exploring! I have spent very little time with her previously, but I told her dad whenever they needed me too, I'd love to watch her. Her mommy is having a few health issues, like M told me, "My mommy has a booboo on her boobie!"

So when M had to go potty I showed her to the bathroom. Seeing as she is only 3, and newly potty-trained I stayed in the bathroom in case she needed some help. I was standing there and M looks up and says, "Hey! I need some privacy!" So much for helping! LOL

So remember that square I was stitching yesterday and told you to guess what it was, but I forgot to upload it?! :) Here it is!
It's really gonna be cute, considering it's on 14 ct aida! Can't wait to show you what it is!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I fixed my zipper!

Yup, that's right! :) I fixed my zipper...well I mean I backstitched and gave the birdie little feet or tail feathers or whatever they are! :) What are those things anyway? It makes my poor birdie looks like he has two legs! I might have to take those off, after all that zipper trouble! What do you think?

And there was one part that had two A's, which I thought were flower buds! But nope, they were the stitcher's initials... DUH! So I changed those to AL for my two boys, and put MS for DH and myself. I'm really loving it! Now to find some matching fabric!

I love the little birdie, don't you?

I'm stitching a few quilt squares for different groups I'm part of. Gotta love 14 ct. white aida!! This is for a little boy named Charlie in NZ. He loves hot air balloons, so this pattern was perfect.

This square is for a little boy...can you tell what it is?! ha I'll leave you in suspense! (I'll have to add the picture later, it didn't upload! LOL)

Last but not least, Check out what's been hanging out on my scissors! Yup, it's cute, isn't it?!!

It was a little kit by Raise the Roof. I hope I can find some ribbon similar to what came with the kit! I'd love to make a few more of them!

I haven't forgotten my giveaway! Just haven't figured out what to giveaway!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why didn't you guys tell me?!

Hmm? I thought we were friends?! I was so proud of my finish last night, that I snapped a picture of it on my lap and proudly posted that I was done! And you guys said it was so nice!

So I look at it today and I realize I forgot to backstitch the little feet/feather things on the tail of the bird. I originally thought they were feet...but am not sure why they are coming out of the tail? Maybe my bird just needs some tail feathers to shake!

So I pull out my thread to add the six stitches and realize I didn't backstitch any of the tulips either! Duh... why didn't somebody tell me? It's like walking around with food in my teeth or my zipper undone! I thought we were friends?

If my computer wasn't being a pain, I'd show you the picture! No, not of food in my teeth, the picture of the really finished project! You'll have to come back tomorrow!

Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Do Stitch!

Really, I do! :)

My friend sent me this pattern to stitch. It's called The Sparrow's Song by The Good Huswife. I used all the called for DMC, but picked a random piece of fabric. Not even sure what count it was, probably 32 I guess!

I love, love, love the little sparrow! And check out my perfect little french knot! Those things are rare and hard to find by my hand!

I went on a 4th grade field trip to Old Salem, NC. It is an old Moravian Village and very cool! My son's teacher gave them a challenge to find one grave in their graveyard. Didn't seem like too much of a challenge until I learned the name of the place: God's ACRE, was named that for a reason! My little group of six kids searched and searched and searched!

After my chaperone responsibilites were over, Luke and I went and visited the archives building. I thought it'd be a quick question, quick answer and if we were lucky we'd find the grave! Instead we met the MOST intriguing older gentlemen who spent TWENTY-FIVE minutes with Luke and his best friend. Telling them all kind of information about the man they were hunting for, lots of Moravian history, etc. And eventually told us the plot section, row and number of the man we were searching for!

Can you tell how excited they were?! :)