Monday, May 31, 2010

Hedgehog freebie

I know Pat is stopping by to find the post for the Hedgehog pattern! :) I thought I'd help her find it and searched and searced a ton of posts.... when you click this link, look at the title of the post! DUH!! It's been a long weekend!

Had a great weekend at Sue's! I even got to stitch her model for our weekend project! Yeah me! :) My kids were completely unimpressed! I told my oldest, it'd be like if Lego put one of his projects on their website. He said, "oh anybody can do that! you just have to upload the picture!"

So much for impressing my kids! :)

More details coming, gotta go back to being a mom!


Dana said...

Hey Sara. Hope that you had a grand time! Sure sounds like you did. Your boys sound about as impressed as my kids would have, and Kristin is almost 14! LOL! My Luke wouldn't have really had a clue as to what I was really talking about. ;o) I need to try and fix me a blog, but I don't get as much stitching done since I do the ginormous projects, but I still kind of think it might be fun...

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

It's fun to be a Mom who stitches, even if the kid's don't get it.
Glad you had a good weekend.
Be always in stitches.

connie said...

I have the hedgehog freebie if you still need it..