Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Do Stitch!

Really, I do! :)

My friend sent me this pattern to stitch. It's called The Sparrow's Song by The Good Huswife. I used all the called for DMC, but picked a random piece of fabric. Not even sure what count it was, probably 32 I guess!

I love, love, love the little sparrow! And check out my perfect little french knot! Those things are rare and hard to find by my hand!

I went on a 4th grade field trip to Old Salem, NC. It is an old Moravian Village and very cool! My son's teacher gave them a challenge to find one grave in their graveyard. Didn't seem like too much of a challenge until I learned the name of the place: God's ACRE, was named that for a reason! My little group of six kids searched and searched and searched!

After my chaperone responsibilites were over, Luke and I went and visited the archives building. I thought it'd be a quick question, quick answer and if we were lucky we'd find the grave! Instead we met the MOST intriguing older gentlemen who spent TWENTY-FIVE minutes with Luke and his best friend. Telling them all kind of information about the man they were hunting for, lots of Moravian history, etc. And eventually told us the plot section, row and number of the man we were searching for!

Can you tell how excited they were?! :)


MrsB said...

A gorgeous piece!

The boys look ecstatic at finding their gravestone :o)

connie said...

very pretty..Glad the boys found their gravestone..

Karen said...

Love your finish. Love this design too!

Daffycat said...

A beautiful finish, Sara!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great stitching! Isn't the excitement shown by your guys how we feel when we finish a loved piece? We MAY not show it quite that way, but we feel it just the same; right?

Carolyn NC said...

Great stitching - love the pic of the boys and the story of the man who told all about it!