Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Need Some Privacy

I'm watching our pastor's daughter today. She (M) is three years old, and a lot of fun! Full of questions and exploring! I have spent very little time with her previously, but I told her dad whenever they needed me too, I'd love to watch her. Her mommy is having a few health issues, like M told me, "My mommy has a booboo on her boobie!"

So when M had to go potty I showed her to the bathroom. Seeing as she is only 3, and newly potty-trained I stayed in the bathroom in case she needed some help. I was standing there and M looks up and says, "Hey! I need some privacy!" So much for helping! LOL

So remember that square I was stitching yesterday and told you to guess what it was, but I forgot to upload it?! :) Here it is!
It's really gonna be cute, considering it's on 14 ct aida! Can't wait to show you what it is!

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