Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Brilliant Kids

My kids are pretty smart. I mean, I know I'm their mom, but I'm just saying! They don't have any problems at school. Both can easily use a computer. They can program a cell phone without a second thought. Digital big deal! etc.etc. etc.

Today on our way to Dh's grandparents 50th wedding anniversary dinner, we stopped by his Nanny's house. Now Nanny, mid 80's, is in no way up-to-date with any technological item. In fact she still has an old fashion,in the cabinet style, PINK oven with a matching pink stove and pink phone.

Luke (10 1/2) was playing with all his old toys from when he was a little boy. Actually, I think most of the toys were from when DH was a little boy, and he showed me the Fisher Price rotary phone and was telling me how much he loved it. So I reminded him that there used to be real phones like that toy phone! And he was SHOCKED!

Remember that pink phone?! Well it happens to be a rotary phone. So I took Luke into the kitchen and he was shocked at the rotary phone. I told him he could use it, no problem. So he sticks his finger into one of the holes and says:


I had to show him how to move the dial around to the little bar, let go, and pick your next number you need to dial.

Poor kid! He had NO IDEA how to dial on a rotary phone! I let him call his Mamaw's number, just to try out the dialing! Then he called his brother. Then he called his dad. Then he called me!

Then his brother (age 13) got on the phone and called his own cell phone and talked to himself. I don't get it either...the kid is weird!

The old rotary phone (which, by the way, Nanny is still renting from the phone company! LOL) kept them occupied for a good 30 minutes!


Robin said...

That is so funny! We forget we lived through the technology change. Makes me understand the confusion older people have. When I explained to my grandson how the phone receiver used to be connect to the wall with the curly wire. He didn't understand how you could take the phone with you when you went out and I told him you didn't and people didn't have phones with them allt he time. He almost cried and asked "how did you call your mom if you needed her?" I can just see your son calling himself from the rotary phone to his cell phone.

Kathy A. said...

Take after their mother do they??? ROFL
Love that modern technology

Lee said...

What a hoot! Next you'll have to show them a record player...

Hillery said...

I love that story!!!!!

Carolyn NC said...

Too cute, but where's the pic of the real pink phone and stove??

MrsB said...

A funny story! I have the same sort of conversations with my children (20, 19 and 16 year-olds). It makes them laugh when I talk about records and LPs, and how there were video recorders that you had to turn the tape over and set it recording again...Aren't we glad that they didn't last long...!