Friday, May 14, 2010

One Week, One Year

I can hardly believe it! In one week, it will be my one year blog anniversary. Really? I can't believe I lasted this long! I love reading other people's blogs, but have thought I should stop mine a million times! LOL But for now, I'm still here! :)

All day today is a big BBQ fundraiser at our church. I was supposed to make desserts. I went a little crazy! :) I made:

Chaco Bar cake: Luke found the recipe in his 3rd grade reading book and insisted I make it. I'll admit I did it a little grudgingly! But boy I'm glad I did! It's like a big yummy chunk of chocolate chip cookies!

Banana Split Cake: Doesn't really have cake in it at all. Graham cracker crust, layer of cream cheese and sugar, layer of pineapple chunks and banana slices, next layer cool whip and vanilla pudding mix, top with cool whip and pecans. YUM!

Brownies: I was just going to make them from the box. But on the back was a recipe that looked really yummy! Brownies on the bottom, a layer of icing and pecans, and the top layer is rice krispie cereal mixed with melted peanut butter and chocolate chips. YUM!

Cupcakes: I'm assuming some kids will be there! :) So made some simple cupcakes and put bright shiny colored sprinkles on them. Boy they look yummy!

Hope it all gets eaten! I sure don't want to bring it all home! Well, maybe I do! LOL

Still working on my quilt square! Hopefully on Saturday I'll have some time to stitch! We'll see!

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