Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I want to get caught up with myself, so I can post things I am actually working on! But for now I'm going to post a few more projects I've finished with! It seems like when I get done with a huge project (the latest being The Bear) then I get hung up on a bunch of little things! I'm stitching a bunch of little patterns for a friend, but don't want to post a picture until I send them to her. So there isn't anything new to post! I need to find a large project that I really like! I have plenty of WIP's to pick from, but none are calling my name! I have a L&L Angel started and I messed up on it BIG time! I'll have to take a picture to show you! It's the biggest mess up I've ever made... I counted wrong! DUH! And it's not just off a few stitches two whole sections are completly wrong! I'm not exactly sure what to do besides tossing it, so I put it away until I can make up my mind!

Here are few older pieces!

This one was an RR that my Diva RR did a long time ago! :) It's a Paula Vaughn pattern, I forget the name of it, maybe Going to Church? Or something similar!

This is another PV. It's called Perfect Patterns. It's not a great picture, but I couldn't get it with the frame and all without getting the kitchen's overhead light reflected in it! Sorry for the goofy angle! I have no idea when I finished this one.. probably almost ten years ago now!

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Vonna said...

Love Paula Vaughan I only finished one of hers and it was called Job's Tears...beautiful but a lot of detail!!!!
I think both of yours are gorgeous and I'm jealous!