Monday, March 24, 2008

My stitching Weekend

I had the best weekend. My husband and I dropped the kids off at their grandparents for Friday and Saturday and DH and I went to HIS friend's house. Since it was his single male friend, I didn't have to do anything! I sat and stitched! They watched tons of basketball and played golf and the only time I got off the couch was to go to bed or to go eat! What kind of life is that? :)

I wanted to show you a few pictures. This is from a magazine and it is waiting for duck buttons (obviously!) My son saw it last night and said, that saying is dumb.. there's no ducks on the picture! :)

This is a Petite Exemplary No 1 by Ewe and Eye Friends that I stitched over two on 28ct. I figured it was way too big, so I stitched it over two on 50ct Irish Linen ! I set the floss beside it, so you could see how little it is!:)

This is a snowglobe nativity, it's actually only a tiny part of a much bigger snowglobe stocking. I just wanted the nativity snowglobe. Some day I'll show you all my nativities!

This uploading pictures is taking forever, so I'm going to try again later!

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