Tuesday, March 25, 2008


See the red part of the skirt? Yup, it's all wrong! Not only is it wrong, it's off rows and columns! I started it off the wrong green stitch! The symbols were very similar and that's the excuse I'm using!

After much help from my friends at 123mb, I've decided to just frog it! They had lots of great suggestions, however I am not capable of that!:)

I have a graph follower, I rarely change colors, never change the actual pattern.. I'm a good follower of directions!:)

So last night I watched Dancing w/the Stars, plus two episodes of Miss Guided and am not done with the frogging yet.

It is annoying, isn't it that it comes out so much quicker than it goes on? There are at least four shades of red, plus one blended needle! Wah, Sob!

When I start back, I'm going to star from the blue section and stitch the white, maybe go up and add the baby and put a head on the body and save the red until later! The dumb thing is I'm not 100% sure I like this pattern, and the fabric seems to small. I've measured it and double checked 100 times, and it says it's right, but it seems like it might be a tight fit! We shall see! I'll keep you updated!

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Ramona said...

I feel with you. I stitched a L&L design and was off by half a stitch (i.e. one thread of the linen) What a pain! But we all have to learn our lessons, right? Now I don't leave gaps. I just stitch what comes next on the chart. And I can also relate to the fabric problem. When I stitched the Enchanted Alphabet, I actually counted the threads to make sure. But only in one direction. Assuming the fabric was an evenwave, I just measured the other side. Big mistake! When I was done stitching I had barely 1 1/2 inches left on both sides... Make sure to show the finished project at 123.
Ramona in Germany