Monday, March 24, 2008

When I Grow Up! (get finished)

Oops! I just realized I don't know how to rotate a picture! This is Joe Snow by Lizzie Kate.
This is a little book of samplers that are all stitched over one on 32 ct. Man that takes forever!:) It's gonna be very cool when it's finished. I'm just using plain ole DMC, cause I'm cheap!
This will be a needlecase. I change to a dyed yellow fabric and am using a Dye is Cast dk. blue thread. It's also over one, but the fabric is 28 ct. so not too bad!
This is finished. It's a pattern by Cherished Stitches. I changed the words, because it said something about a daughter, which I don't have!
This will be the July Box by Louise Henderson. Some stitching is over 2, the house and letters are over one.

This is part of the pattern Feed My Soul Stitches by The Cat's Whiskers. It will be a needlebook when it gets sewn!

This will be a little scissors case and strawberry fob by Cherished Stitches.


Anonymous said...

Your WIPs are all great, Miss Sara. Can't wait to see them in person.

Rachel said...

Hi Sara,
I added you to my blogroll. I hope that is ok. My pic on facebook was taken by a friend who is building a photo studio. She started taking pics when her 6 year old daughter was born. She is on my blogroll(Darjon), and you can see other pics she took of Ruth and I and the kids.
I can't believe how much stitching you do. I so don't have the patience for that. You know I have always been figdety. Still am. ha ha. Take care. -Rachel

saras said...

hey! :) Nice to see you on here! I'll have to go check our her other pictures!