Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What I Learned Today!

I am NOT a finisher! Holy smokes... I am a fairly quick stitcher, at least that's what my stitching friends say, and I had a little pile of stuff I wanted to finish. I've been on a "smalls" kick lately, and they all had great directions. BUT I apparently can NOT cut cardboard equal sizes! Putting a stitched piece over a cardboard piece that has padding on it and trying to connect it to another cardboard piece is not as easy as the directions make it look!

Thankfully cording covers a multitude of sins! My cording is much thicker than on the pictures, because my mistakes are much bigger!:) I have a great pattern that I've stitched, and want to finish, but I'm scared now that I'm not going to be able to do it! It involves FOUR cardboard pieces! Oh dear! I'm afraid I'm gonna ruin it!

I did get two things finished and if you don't look too closely they should be fine. I have another that the glue is drying under my wedding album! (That thing is heavy!) I was afraid I had ruined that piece, but it might just be salvagable afterall!

Hopefully I can post some pictures tomorrow.


Vonna said...

It just takes time to get the process together it'll all work out...and if not well...go to my finishing service blog ;) LOL!

Anonymous said...

There you go, Sara. Vonna can finish it for you. Just keep practicing, said by someone who needs a lot of practice.

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Sara, Get yourself a rotary cutter and mat, and a quilting ruler. Dedicate your cutter blade to cardboard and never give it another thought that it won't cut fabric. Who cares, it's now for cardboard! Or you can just use a craft knife/x-acto knife. Depending how thick your mat board is, and how sharp you blade is, you might be able to cut your board two at a time.

You are a beautiful stitcher! In no time at all you'll be a beautiful finisher and won't need cording of any size! I'm sure of it. :)