Thursday, April 10, 2008


My Father-in-law has been staying with us this week, and our computer is in our guest room! :) So I've been forced into silence for a few days!:)

My stitching friend Michelle loaned me this pattern of a pin cushion... it's a cherry pie (which my grandma used to always make) and you stitch the top part and put it inside a real little tart pan (if I can find one!) Anyway.. she said she's had the pattern in her "to do" pile for 15 years! Isn't that shameful?! So I started it right away! Mainly cause she dared me! But it has TONS of different colors and shading! It's an itty bitty chart, but the dough part alone has 5 colors.. I'm already on my 3rd color of what I've already stitched!

This is my July Box. Most of the stitching is over one. I think I'm using a fabric darker than it called for, cause the windows are supposed to have two different colors and I think they are like ecru and 746 and you can't even see it on my fabric. So I've got to figure out what other color I can use! I need to add my initial in that big empty space and then finish the windows and the section with the star! Then I need to put the scary thing together! YIKES!

The apple tart pincushion is messing up my schedule.. but it's so cute I want to stitch it up!:)

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LoriRay said...

Wow, that pin cushion looks really neat already! I know the color changes are a real pain but I bet it will be sooooo worth it. :-)

I'm really enjoying your blog!