Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Grandma's Quilt

I am fortunate enough to have my grandmother's quilt. When she passed away a few years ago, my dad got it for me when they were going through all her belongings! (Trust me there were a LOT of belongings) She had two daughters, so I am fortunate to have the quilt! I usually end up taking my pictures of stitched things on the quilt, and quite a few people have commented on it! Since nobody in my real life gets the value of the quilt... I thought I'd take some closeup pictures and show people who "get it"! The whole thing is hand stitched. I think even the border strips are handsewn on, though I'm not 100% on that one! The poor quilt is super thin, I'm not sure if it was always that thin, or just becuase of it's age. The edges are fraying... and I just LOVE it! It survived 50+ years at my gradparents, with nothing happening to it! Somehow after being in my house less than a year, my boys got a little black marker on it! ARG! Oh well.. I'm just happy I have the quilt! I've since had it probably another five years or so, and I'm happy to say it's surviving!

This pink is on the underneath side of the quilt. I thought you could maybe see all the hand stitching a little better on the pink.


Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Sara, That is just beautiful! What a treasure! Thank you for showing us the details, her quilting is gorgeous! You are so lucky!! :)

HumorMe said...

What a treasure! You are so blessed to have that wonderful quilt!!