Saturday, April 5, 2008

One more craft for the day

My poor little chicken still needs a real eyeball.. it looks like he has one, but really it's just part of the fabric. He's a pincushion!:) He's my second try, my first one was way TOO big and I had the beak and hair thingy all messed up. Beside it sits a crayon case all rolled up, I'm going to send it to one of my nieces. Here it is opened. I was supposed to use rickrack around the edges, but all I had was lace.. and I know the ribbon is cream and the rest is white, but I was just using what I had in my craft box. I have five nieces total, so I'm thinking four more crayon rolls are in my future. My oldest niece is too big for crayons, so I think if I just make it a little bigger, it will work well for colored pencils too!

I have a pounding headache.. I wonder if it's from all my sewing attempts this weekend! It's amazing the free stuff you'll find on the internet!

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