Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've stitched a few biscournu's! These are both freebies online somewhere! The pink one I stitched on that pink shiny fabric, I forget the name of it! But it sure held up well! I stuffed it pretty firm just with plain old batting.

I stitched the bee one on a 32 ct. Silkweavers dyed fabric, that my good friend NCLindaP gave to me. This one is filled with those little plastic beads. It's really heavy, I think I like it that way! It's also tiny. Only about 3 inches!

These are such easy, quick stitches! The bee one I started and finished all in one day, course it's only stitched on one side. The pink one, was my car ride project, so it took a few trips to finish that one up!

Back to the cherry pie!

I can not seem to get a good clear picture of my stitching. What setting on your camera's do you guys use?


Vonna said...

Super cute biscornu's love them ;)
I can't help you with your camera setting, I just put mine on set and thing I can say really DOES help is a lot of natural light!

Kathy A. said...

Your biscornus are just lovely. I especially like the one with the little bees. I am a camera whiz LOL - I just keep it on auto setting and like Vonna make sure there is lots of natural light.

staci said...

Very cute biscornus :)