Sunday, April 13, 2008

I got sidetracked again!

Yup, that's the bad thing about stitching! I started another new project. I joined up for my first Fair and Square exchange.. and I am a pure procrastinator (or however you spell it!) It's supposed to be mailed on April 25th, so figured I'd better get on it! I started it yesterday and I'm almost done. I just have a little bit of a border left, and then I have to stitch another square that has my name and location on it! I really like the pattern, it's an Elizabeth's Design. I like all her little specialty stitches.

So the poor little pie is sitting by my stitching chair, anxiously waiting for me to finish my Fair and Square. Seeing as it's only mid April, I'm way ahead of myself!:)

I have this great community of stitchers at 123Stitch! Hard to believe, but I've been there since around 2000, I think! I joined a group of stitchers in my area, we all "met" each other at 123Stitch. The first time we met, there were less than 10 of us at the restaurant, and now seven (?) years later, if we all came at the same time we'd have 40 or so! We're a great group!

Last week, my oldest son started a website as a school project. He sent an email to my family and asked them to sign the guestbook. Well, five minutes later he was quite disappointed that nobody had signed his guest book. So I went over to 123Stitch and asked them to go visit my son's webpage. Well, within 10 minutes he had 20 signatures and by the end of the next day he had over 80! He was so excited! He came stumbling down the stairs and said, "Mom! You told your cross stitch friends, didn't you?!"

So thanks to my cross stitch friends for helping me out so many times over the past eight years! I've made great friends: a momma, sisters and girlfriends! There's always somebody out there to talk stitching or to talk about life! Thanks girls!


Kathy A. said...

Isn't the Fair and Square exchange fun. I am on my third round and just love it. You meet some wonderful stitchers and receive some amazing blocks. Look forward to seeing yours.

LoriRay said...

I really enjoyed your son's website and hope you post the link again. I'd love to check on his progress as he's doing a great job so far already, especially for his age. :-)