Friday, April 4, 2008

I finished them!

You can't tell it on the picture, but the buttons dont' really stick up that high.. they have a cute little white pinstripe around the edge of them. My plan was to make one, but to have the different fabric go on both sides. So I very carefully made matching circles, thinking I'd sew them together! But did you know if you take two exact same pieces and put the wrong sides together, they don't match up?! DUH! I should have remembered that from the heart needle case! DUH! Oh well, so I made for me and one for my friend. I used DMC Perle, one is pink and one is green, but I think next time I might make a skinny trim to use for it, I'm not sure the perle is thick enough.

Here's one of the back, I was supposed to use a heavy weighted felt, but I was just using up scraps, so I used a plan fabric. The part I left open, to turn the thing.. that was kind of hard to stitch it to a nice little circle shape, I'll have to practice that one!

I took the pictures on the center part of my grandma's quilt...all of those triangles are handsewn!

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Einschies blog said...

Oh sara these are wonderful;-))) How difficult is i