Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A few more

Now why are they blurry? If you click on them, they open up and are fine, but on my blog they look blurry! Here's a few more! This is a scissors case, made specifically for a pair of scissors, which of course I don't have! I won this pattern in a Bingo game! It came with the fabric and the two Dinky Dye threads.. loved them!

These pictures were taken on my grandmother's quilt! Check out all the detail in that hand sewing! The entire thing is like that.. it's awesome!

This one actually turned out okay, I think the main problem was I used too thick of a fabric. My little strawberry thing really messed up, but don't tell anybody!

Now for the UGLY!:) I really did follow the directions! Apparently I just can't cut four hearts out of cardboard the same size! And if you put that fray check stuff on it, it will make your hand dyed pinks bleed! It said to cut the cardboard bigger than the stitched piece, but next time I'm gonna cut it smaller, cause I'd rather the cording cover a bit of the stitching, then leave those ugly gaps between the outer row and the cording. This is the one where I had to use thicker cording!

The cording was supposed to be opposite on the front and back, so you could easily tie it together.. which I did.. but then when you put them front to back, the cording ended up being on the same side! And I so carefully did it opposite! DUH! :) Lesson learned.. hopefully!

I still have a few more I want to try my hand at finishing! I did finally (I think) figure out my cording drill! Love that little booger! :) Thank goodness for all that .10 DMC! :) Thanks for looking!


~*~Julie~*~ said...

Beautiful job!!!!! And I happen to think the heart is fantastic!! So there. :) I wish I knew how to do finishing and have it look half as good as yours. :( Great job!

Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Sara, Your stitching is beautiful! You learned a lot on your first finishes. :) Instructions don't always say what they mean! Yours turned out nice in spite of the instructions. :) I cut my cardboard smaller than my design, especially if I pad it. That puffs my fabric up and fills the difference.

Ramona taught me that if I upload my photos directly from my computer into my blog, they won't be fuzzy and distorted like they are coming through Photobucket first. Just click the little tv looking square when you are writing your new post, and a pop up with a Browse button comes up. You can upload your photos there. You can also post photos from another site by looking to the right of that Browse button and entering the URL for the photo there. Skips Photobucket altogether~

I LOVE your grandmother's quilt! You have a wonderful treasure! :)

becca said...

I think your finishes look great! I also just tried my hand at finishing. Go to my blog and check out my mitten ornament. Can you say horrid! LOL I love the needle book. And WOW, your grannys quilt is awesome. Wonder how long it took her to make it?

saras said...

As long as I was growing up, I remember that quilt on my grandma's bed. I have no idea how old it is, though I'm sure they must have quilted it once she was married. It is a double size, I guess. There is a huge star pattern in the center, with yellow/lavendar/blue/oragne/pink and greens. It's all hand stitched. It's very thin, not much stuffing was used back then I guess. I am honored to have it!:)

Vonna said...

I think all looks great...I've never even attempted a strawberry...though I do have it on my list...for 2075 :)

Paisley said...

Everything looks fabulous!