Friday, April 25, 2008

Novice Sewing Mistake!


Somebody explain this one to me!:)

We are taking 75 youth to Honduras this summer to do Bible clubs with the children there. I need to make 18+ beanbags. No problem I think to myself! I have this little rotary cutter, my good buddy gave me tons of denim fabric.. cut them in squares, sew them up, right?

Okay, so I search for something to cut the fabric ON.. I think to myself, AH the ironing board! So I think again to myself..hmm.. it might cut through the fabric onto the ironing board! So I go get some brown paper bags, a few thick and put them between the fabric and the board.

I proceed to cut the fabric. Now let me explain, that my little rottary cutter is barely cutting through the fabric. It leaves parts uncut that I have to use my scissors on. So I cut 5 squares.

Hmm, I notice the paper is cut.. hmm.. I pick up the paper.. YIKES!

Not only did I cut my fabric, I cut through two layers of brown paper bags, through my fabric ironing board, through the padding on the ironing board, all the way to the metal frame!

Now here's the "explain to me part" How in the jeebers, if I couldn't get the denim to cut all the way through, did it get all the way to the metal ironing board?!

Dh does all his ironing.. think he'll notice all the slashes in the fabric?! haha

Guess I need to find something better to cut my fabric on AND now I've dulled my rotary so much it won't even cut the fabric!

So the easy 18 beanbags, sit at 3 beanbags done! :)

I'm such a rookie!


Lelia said...

I don't own a rotary cutter; however, the quilt store has some sort of mat on their table. It is the only place she cuts her fabrics.

Naw, don't think he will notice the change in the ironing board cover. Blame it on the cat : ) LOL

Hi! I'm Michelle said...


Paper dulls your blade, but it will continue to work great on paper. You can run it through some fine grit sand paper to sharpen it up a bit. Denim is tough to cut. You need a cutting mat. Get a big one, they are worth every penny. Meanwhile you can use a plastic cutting board from your kitchen. It may be rough on your blade, but it can take the slashing!

What did your DH say??