Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drat that coffin!!

So all the stitching is done for the black part of the coffin. Can't wait to get it all put together! I figured I'd go ahead and start on the grey part: needlebook, pinkeep, etc. and put it together another day when it's not so late!

So I start on the grey and think to myself, "Self.. this looks too big"! Well, self soon realizes she bought 28ct instead of 32 ct! I even remember telling the lady at the LNS that 28ct would work fine. But guess doesn't! Cause with 28ct it won't fit in the coffin! And fitting in is the whole point! :)

So anybody have any grey pearl cashel to trade?! I have a wonderful piece of 28 ct 13 by 18, I NEED a 32 ct 11 by 15!

That annoys me way too much! Oh well...Not like I don't have anything else I can be working on! Right? Sure wish my LNS's were closer! Oh, wait.. maybe family has to eat!

On a totally random note, Andrew is going to middle school dressed in a toga tomorrow! To finish off their greek studies, they are having a greek festival tomorrow and extra credit goes to those who wear togas! He's thrilled to death.. I'm telling you this child is my OPPOSITE! I'd never go to school like that, espcially not as a 6th grader! But more power to him, right?! I'm proud of his confidence... even though it's annoying sometimes! I'll take a picture tomorrow! We've got to get up early to get him all dressed up!

Going to bed early since I don't have my grey fabric! :)


Marion said...

Oh no!! That's frustrating, isn't it?
Can't wait to see the photos of Andrew!
Have a great day!


Rachel said...

you know I think I have pictures of us dressed up for some school social studies party. Maybe it was just the 5/6th grade, but I am going to try and dig it up and show you dressed up. I looked like a dork. I was on a chair and look about 3x the size of everyone else.