Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In The Big Scheme of Things

I know this is of minor consequence!

BUT my coffin stinks! :) There were eight seperate pieces, each put together like a pinkeep and then all put together to shape the coffin. So I ironed on interfaced to each of the 16 pieces, and connected 2 of each, so I ended up with eight. Then I connected all that together. All in all, it was about a three day process. After a bunch of squeezing and rearranging and restitching, my coffin seemed too "fluffy"! So I go back and read the directions and I was supposed to use SKIRTEX! Duh, I read those directions twice! So now, my walls are kind of loopy and soft, instead of standing up tight.

The problem, is that the whole thing is black, black backstitching on black fabric connected by black thread. And then all that connected by more black thread. The problem is that if I take it all apart, there is a big chance that somewhere in there, I will snip black FABRIC. Plus I cut the edges of the fabric really close, so on some pieces the fabric might unravel before I get it all put back together!


I've emailed the designer (before I realized the Skirtex situation) and she was so nice and helpful. I hate I messed it up! ARG! :)

The long side panels seemed too long, and even when she told me how she put hers together, they still seems too long for the piece, and I had to sort of pull and squeeze to make the bottom of the coffin long enough to connect without a space. Of course that meant my top is a little bit small too. I still need to add a button for closure on the top, and I think that will help a little bit. But it's just not nice and tight like I really wanted it!

I took lots of pictures, and once I get Andrew and Luke off to school, I'll try to upload some of them.

It's so frustrating when things don't work out like you picture!! I might be being a little to picky, but it is definitely more of a fluffy coffin than the pictures on the pattern!

When I was connecting each individual piece, like a pinkeep, I can't get my corners nice and tight. It seems like there is always too much bulk, no matter how close I cut the fabric or even if I mitre the edges. Then at the points where THREE corners were put together, it's just not nice and smooth at all!

Off to start my day!


Kathy A. said...

How very frustrating for you. When you have spent all that time stitching it is very disappointing when it doesn't go together the way it should.

Marion said...

Sara, I'd love to see the photos! I'm going back to the LNS on Friday and may get this pattern, but not if it is impossible to put together! I just thought it would be a nice change for me, even if it won't be ready until next Halloween!
Take care