Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just Nan Needlebook

I found this at a LNS last week when a friend and I went shopping. It called for a lighter orange WDW fabric, but the shop only had pumpkin colored WDW. So we got that, and I think it works fine. The pumpkins might have been a little easier to see on the lighter orange, but it's still cute. We changed a few things.. You were supposed to tack closed the bottom two corners, but we didn't like that! So I put cording in all four corners, and just tied the bottom part shut and then did the bigger tie for the top half. Isn't it cute?! :) And I had some halloween printed felt, so for the inside I cut a tiny square of the felt that had a pumpkin on it, but I'm not sure you can see it in the picture or not. The finished size, when it is closed up is about 2 inches squared. When it's all open, it's 3 inches.


And just for fun: Andrew blowing bubbles!


Eva said...

How cute! (the needlebook and the bubble blower!)

I have that chart also, but haven't had a moment free to start it you. Can I send it to you for finishing?

Vonna said...

What a sweet finish! Congratulations!

Marion said...

As I told you Sara, I love it!! You are such an enabler to me though!! I may just have to see if the LNS has that's just SO cute!!

Sonda in OR said...

While I've been away from your blog, you have been SOOOO busy! I love that Just Nan needlebook finish! I've still got to finish the first fob of the set! Who does the pattern for the rabbit set??

Andrea said...

Great needlebook. I don't think I will make halloween this year with my one.