Friday, October 10, 2008

some finishes

Okay, so like I said I've been working on something top secret, so I've had nothing to show you.

Yesterday at Joann's I found this really cute red fabric with white snowmen. When I was describing it to my friend LindaP, she reminded me of a new ornament from this years JCS that would be perfect! I just stitched it quick on aida, and I really like it!:)

Then there are a few ornaments from the Halloween issue that I wanted to stitch, and LindaP wants to borrow them, so I stitched one up last night.

I'm working on the BritterCup one, but I stitched it over 2 on 28 ct instead of over 1! It does help to read the directions first! I was thinking it was looking awfully big!

Remember that fabric I got such a great deal on?! Here it is!

Here are the whites:

Here are the creams:

Here are the colors:

And most are great size pieces, most enough for a 5 by 8 picture at least!!

Remember my little needle book? Here it is all put together! The pattern was out of a magazine, I'm thinking it was Mary Cox, but I'm not 100% on that one! I've really got to figure out a trick with my corners. I mitre them, but they aren't making me very happy! :)

You can't tell it too well, but there are four pages for needles: 22, 24, 26 and sharps.

And last but not least, my parents were here for a few days! Apparently the jet lag from Alaska to North Carolina is a killer!
Don't ever tell my mom I put this picture on here, Lord she'd kill me for sure!! :) (that means YOU Rachel!) We had a great time together. Mom treated me to some shopping trips, including a big trip to the grocery store to stuck up on all the extras: laundry soap, shampoo, paper towels... all those things that are budget killers! She is very generous! We have one of those tiny Belk stores in town and she went a little crazy. (there are no clothing shops in the town she lives in) Anyway, she happened to shop on days where you could earn "Belks Bucks". Basically free money to use over the weekend. So Luke and I went back to Belks today and got a few little things for NOTHING!

Actually, I got a $40 pair of jeans, a purse for my MIL for Christmas, shorts for Andrew, some garish earrings that Luke picked out for my MIL (which she will love just cause he gave them to her), and two little toy sets for Luke. All total I spent $2.14 over my Belks Bucks!:) THANKS MOMMA! :)

Off to my hang with my stitching group tomorrow! Can't wait to go!


Olga said...

beautiful stitching sara! luv the fabric too!

Rachel said...

nice pic of the folks. looks like my parents after a day of chasing my kids. it is always nice to get a shopping trip by your parents. My dad always insists on taking me to Costco if they are here for a holiday, and he buys waaay too much stuff. Which is great for us.

Beth said...

Great stitching! I especially the like the snowman...perfect with that fabric.

In that picture of your parents, your dad is sleeping with his thumb on the remote. What a typical guy thing to do. :)

staci said...

Look at all of your fabulous finishes! The needle case is really wonderful! And I'm totally jealous over your fabric stash :)