Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just to Clarify

For all you stitchers out there...

The casket PATTERN isn't a HORROR.. my abilities to put it together are the HORROR!

If I had read the directions correctly the first two times I read it, there wouldn't have been any problem! I didn't want to discourage anybody from buying the pattern itself. In fact the designer has been kind enough to reply to me emails three times. Each email was long and detailed and took way more time than she needed to give me due to my own mistakes!:)

The casket is currently disassembled! Amazing how long it takes to put together and how quick they come apart. Each individual piece is still connected, I am going to take apart one side, and slip in two pieces of Skirtex. I tried it with one piece and it will work fine. I'm a little worried about the sections where the fabric is cut close, but I'm just gonna do it one at a time and get it done! Slipping in the Skirtex was the designers idea! Why didn't I think of that one?! :)

I took a break and stitched a few little christmas patterns by JBW over one! I even finished them into ornaments, just to remind my self I can finish something correctly! :) I'll show pictures tomorrow.

DH has dinner on the table... he grilled some steaks! I'll come back later.

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