Monday, October 13, 2008

My first SAL

I'm starting my first SAL! It's with Becky. I was looking at her WIP's one day and saw we were working on the same PS Nativity pattern. She started on the left and I started on the right, but we have about the same amount done. She is stitching over 2 on 32 ct and I am stitching over 1 on 28 ct. She's hoping to be done by Christmas... I'm just hoping to be done sometime!:) So we've dedicated Monday's to working on it. (I'll post pictures later)

Luke has been sick for a week, I finally took him to the doctor and guess what she said? "He's sick!" So he is on an antibiotic and hopefully he'll be able to kick it. He's staying home from school today, I let him sleep and he woke up at 9:45, for our appointment at 10:15. And guess what.. he was FURIOUS that I didn't wake him up and take him to school! I can't win with this one! :)

I got lots of cleaning done while was sleeping, so I'm going to go stitch for a bit. I've been feeling UGH lately... nothing specific, just not my normal self! I hate feeling like that. Stitching usually helps, we'll see!

Here are some pictures of my project. This is where I was when I started:

Here I am at the end of the day:

I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. Between sick kids, laundry and DH, there wasn't a lot of time for stitching! The "rules" are that we only stitch on Monday's..but see those itty bitty spaces in his robe and tunic that need finishing? I don't think I can leave that be until next Monday! Stitching over one is so slow going, but I'm gonna really like this when it's finished! It's funny how different the fabric looks! The last picture is probably closest to the actual color.

Here is where Becky is with her project. She hasn't had time to update it yet.


BeckySC said...

Great progress, Sara :)
Hope your child is feeling better now :)

Paisley said...
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Paisley said...

Your making great progress on your nativity! Hope Luke is feeling better!

becca said...

I wouldn't be able to leave those stitches undone either! LOL

Hope your son is feeling better.

Kathy A. said...

Nice progress Sara. Enjoy your first SAL with Becky. She is such a lovely lady. You will find it very encouraging to work along with someone else.
Hope the little man is better soon.