Friday, December 5, 2008

Remember my free day at home?

So today starts out well! I decide to sit and take the day for myself! :) I absolutely had to finish a square for the Fair and Square board. It was due Dec. 1st! Decided to leave the dusting until later...

I hadn't been sitting but an hour or so and my phone rings.. yup, sick kid at school! The school's policy is if the fever is 100 or over they have to go home... so his was right at 100, so I had to go get him. He doesn't feel great, he's been laying around since I brought him home around 11:30!

Poor guy! So far he's eaten chicken noodle soup and icecream! Yum, huh?

So much for my free day! Oh well! :)

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Cindy F. said...

So sorry to hear your son is sick:(
I hope he's feeling better today.

I know exactly how you feel. Before my son left home, every time I planned a little me time....something would happen. I used to think it just wasn't meant for me to ever sit down!