Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I bet when you think of Alaska in the winter, you think of nice white fluffy snow, right? Not in Kodiak! There is no snow, none zilch, zip! There is however ice everywhere! Just ask my DH, the ice knocked him flat on his rear in the Taco Bell parking lot. (Yes there's a Taco Bell in Kodiak!) There is this awful, cold wind that has blown constantly today. As I'm sitting here at the computer, it rattles the windows as it blows past! Too chilly for this southern girl! Of course if there was nice white, fluffy snow out there...the cold would be okay!

There is a forecast of snow for tomorrow and for Christmas. I sure hope there is! There is snow everywhere else! :)

DH is playing with my sister in a local basketball Christmas tournament. So we've been going to a few games with that. I have five nieces and they've all been down to my mom's to play with the kids a lot. They haven't seen my kids since February, and it's amazing how quickly they all hook right back up with each other!

I'm doing hardly any stitching. Just working on one little ornament and it's taking forever! :) Gotta tuck my boys in bed. Maybe I'll warm up in bed!!


thebulldog said...

Would love to see pictures of Kodiak, with and/or without snow. Too bad you didn't get a chance to visit Artic Needle while in Anchorage.
Have a GRAND time.
LindaB in SC

Daffycat said...

Happy Christmas, Sara!

Rachel said...

what are talking about "southern girl"?? you grew up in the cold and played outside in it all the time. Do you remember our freezing little recesses? of course I can't talk, I love my southwest weather now too.