Sunday, December 21, 2008


Finally made it! What a trip! We were supposed to land in Kodiak at 8am, and we ended up getting here at 4pm! Air traffic was horrid, with delays and overcrowed flights everywhere!

We spent the entire day, well 7am-3pm in Anchorage. We rented a car, and drove all over the city, from snowbank to snowbank! We, thanks to DH, had packed an extra set of clothes that we took on the plane. So the kids got soaked, and the they just changed when we got back to the airport. We had to do an extra trip from Seattle to Fairbanks and then on to Anchorage instead of the direct flight. We missed the flight out of Seattle and if we wanted to go direct, we wouldn't have been able to leave Seattle until Sunday! NO THANKS!

But good comes from everything, I guess! :) My best elementary school friend lives in Fairbanks and can you believe she dragged herself out of bed at 2am to come see me for a few hours at the airport! We landed in Fairbanks at 2am and we were the very last row of the plane. Can you believe the last 1/2 of the plane had to exit the rear of the plane..OUTSIDE! It was 10 degrees! Actually, that's rather warm for Fairbanks and this time of year, but it was cold for us southerners! Course there was snow everywhere and the boys LOVED it!

So now I'm home for two weeks. My dad is doing better. He looks heathly, but the paralysis in his face really makes him look aged. His mobility is very weak...hard to see my dad like that. Like my siblings all sad, you should have seen him a few weeks ago. I guess he's really improved. But he still has a very long way to go!

Not sure how much I'll be online! But Merry Christmas to all y'all!


Kathy A. said...

Sara - I am so glad you and your famiy made it safely. Keep your fingers crossed for me = we are trying to fly Phoenix, Toronto, Ottawa tomorrow.
Have a great holiday with your family.

Rachel said...

So glad to hear you made it! Seems they were canceling all flights out of Portland yesterday - I can only imagine what Seattle may have been like.

Stay warm and enjoy the holidays with your family!

Sonda in OR said...

Man I've missed a lot of your posts. You have been a busy lady. Hope you have a wonderful time in Alaska! I loved seeing all the pics of your stitchy stuff and I love the post about the legos. My boys have the same problem, but now I have found the solution in your queen-size sheet idea!! That's the perfect quick clean-up solution.

Connie B said...

Glad you made it safely!! Hope you enjoy your time with the family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!