Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is Over

Really? Can it be true? :)

We had a really nice Christmas day. All the nieces and nephews played really well together. And by the time everybody left around 10:30pm, they had spent over 12 hours together! So they did great!

My sister and DH and I took the boys to see Bedtime Stories. It's Adam Sandler's new movie. That movie is hilarious! We laughed through the whole movie!

It's still freezing here! Oh my, only 18 today...with the 70 mph winds, it was -3 at 10:00am! BRR!! We've got ZERO snow still! My boys have just got to have snow to play in, don't they?!! There were huge trees down everywhere today. We took my boys and my older brother's 3 girls to a paint place to paint ceramics. While we were there, the power was out for about an hour. Thankfully there were lots of windows and we could see just fine, so it didn't slow us down much! But boy the weather is nasty!

My dad told me this morning it'd be okay for me to turn up the heat. And I said, "Oh no! I'm just fine." And he said, "But you are wearing a coat and a scarf inside the house!" And sure enough I was! But at least I was warm! Right?

We're having a nice time. Always a little strange to go back home! :) My best friend from high school is here with her DH and two kids. I haven't seen her since her wedding five years ago! So we've been having fun talking on the phone like old times. We've been out to coffee once, but plan to get together soon!

No stitching getting done around here! :)


Connie B said...

YIKES!! My fingers are frozen just reading your post!! Glad to hear that you are having a nice time with your family! Happy New Year!

Cindy F. said...

It really IS cold there! Glad you're having a fun holiday:)
And thanks for the movie review...sounds like we need to see that one!

Patti said...

Like Connie my fingers are frozen from reading your post! I live in the U.K. and apparently we are going to go like -13 degrees Celsius on New Years Day but hey the weather people get so little right here I'm not that worried. I love your stitching and can't wait to see more and have linked your blog to mine. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Patti x