Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Day At Home...sort of

I am thrilled to have a morning at home!! :) You should see the dust around here! Oh my goodness, it's awful!

I have a deal with my youngest son, that I will eat with him once a week at school. Last week they only had two days of school, so I couldn't get up there to eat with him. So he is just sure that should mean I have to eat with him twice this week! So I've got to go back in a little bit to eat lunch with him. I don't drop him off until 8:45/9:00 and they eat at 11:15! So really makes for a short morning for me!

Then my oldest reminded me he is staying after school on Friday to participate in a cooking video, and he needs all his supplies for his casserole today! So after I eat with Luke, I'll run by the store to get Andrew's supplies!

What happened to my day at home? I should have about two hours at home between the store and picking up Andrew, so hopefully I can get a bunch done then!

I have a few pictures! I have managed to stitch two ornaments so far...course they need all the finishing work done, but at least the stitching is done!

This is from the JCS 2008 Ornament Issue. "Be Merry" by My Mark Designs.

This is from the same issue called "A Christmas Song" but I can't remember the designer! It is by far my very favorite ornament! It's stitched on a very small count, like 45 or something, but it's over two! It's a mix of dyed threads, just love it!

A certain stitching friend sent me this pattern and w/in an hour was asking me if it was finished! At least it's started! I found a Dinky Dyed red and green silk thread and it will be perfect for this pattern.

Now, for the big debate at our house! My oldest son (age 11) seems to thrive in MESS!! They have had Legos out for at least four weeks, the longest I've ever let them stay out. They are supposed to stay on the queen sized sheet for easy clean up! But you can see the sheet wadded in the front of the one picture! :) He doesn't think this is messy! What do you think??

Oh dear! It seems worse in picture form!!


Jennifer said...

Probably I'd have to kill him. Seriously. I'm shocked he hasn't stepped on them and hurt himself - those little ones can be especially painful. I'd change up the deal a little with him - anything NOT on the sheet will be taken away, possibly for good. Might encourage him to keep things where they can be cleaned up.

Lovely stitching, by the way. I just love that little bird - so cheerful!

Rachel said...

we have adult men friends(and my hubby) who still speak fondly of their legos. John's mom still has his. I say as long as the area is clean(ie no food or diry clothes) let them keep them up. although i too hate messes on the kids floor.

Marion said...

My youngest daughter is like your son. I have my limits....but I also remember that all too soon I will be wishing I HAD to remind her to clean up. I'd probably get him to clean up and say anything not on the sheet is gone.....
It's hard, isn't it?
Great stitching!!

Cindy F. said...

such pretty ornie stitches!!

Your son's room pic makes me laugh and smile...remembering when my son was that young (he's 26 now).
He loved his legos. My deal was he could have a messy floor, but when he wanted a friend over, the room had to be picked up first...and before the friend left, they had to pick up. It was the only times I didn't struggle to get him to tidy his room. I miss those days:)..don't forget to enjoy them:)