Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I have no time!

How exactly do I have NO time? I'm a stay-at-HOME mom for crying out loud! :) Life has gotten really busy lately.

Monday: tutor reading at school, go to a friend's house to put a Craft-themed basket together for a PTA fundraiser,grocery shopping at two stores, pick up oldest child, fix dinner, eat,laundry, do homework etc.,finally finish updating Luke's journal (I started this section Oct. 28th!)

Tuesday: drop basket at school, get new tags for car (in a town 20 minutes from mine!),go to four stores looking for Barbie doll cereal for my niece. (why is it I've seen it for the past six months, and now that I want it, I can't find it!),post office, thrift store to buy gag gifts for Christmas parties, store to pick up a present for Luke, back to school to eat lunch with Luke, home, catch up on a YEAR of pictures in Luke's baby book, pick up Andrew, go back to Walmart to get stuff for a project for Andrew, pick up Luke, updating blog and getting ready for dinner.

Wed: tutor reading, volunteer in Luke's class for two hours, eat lunch with Luke (making up for a missed time last week!), drive 30 min. to nearest craft store to get supplies for the missions class I'm teaching that night, home, finish planning lesson, hopefully update Andrew's pictures for his baby book too!:)

I have Thurs and Friday left in the week. I still haven't dusted, mopped, cleaned up the kitchen or finished my laundry, or cleaned bathrooms!

I did manage to start and finish two ornaments in the wee hours of the morning! I have a Fair and Square exchange due YESTERDAY, but it will be finished tonight...after I read and critic and proofread DH's missions curriculum that needs to go online this week!

See, nothing too it! :) Christmas play practice Saturday, Church Sunday morning, play practice in the afternoon, performance that night, goodies to eat after that! Then the new week starts..which will be really busy! :)

I have two piles of Christmas stuff! One for our NC Christmas which will be on Dec. 14th. It's also my MIL's birthday, so I need to figure out what is birthday and what is Christmas for her! I have a xstitch to give her, but need to get the buttons and attach them before I can do any finishing on it!

We leave the 19th for ALASKA! BRR! Our first Christmas home, since 2001! I know, because of updating the baby books!:) Anyway, I have to make sure I have every gift before we go...plus many family members want me to pick up this or that too! Wonder if I'll have room for clothes? I have two stitched items for my sister, which are finished, but I need to do the actual finishing on those too! It'd help if I knew what I wanted to do with them!

ANYWAY! My camera has no batteries, I tried to use cheapo $1 Store batteries, and they had enough oomph for two pictures! :) I need to recharge my good ones! So pictures soon!

I've really finished a lot since our weekend away! :) It helps when you stay up until 2am!! really last night I PROMISED I was going to bed at 1:00am! Then I said fine okay, 1:30, I made it to be at 1:53! Hey, it was before 2:00, right? :)

p.s. I just had to edit my post cause I spelled proofread wrong! How funny is that? I told DH I'm not the right person for that job!!


Cindy F. said...

Good grief!! You need to clone yourself!!
I don't work and I'm always crazy busy too....but not that busy!! and I have to children @ home.
You are WOMAN...and I hear you ROAR!! ...lol...

Shelleen said...

ok breathe! I remember being home for 17 years and all the running around and volunteering that I did.