Thursday, December 4, 2008

Clean Rooms and Treasures!

AHH! I love a clean room!

And in my youngest's room I found this letter!

(i marked out our badly misspelled address) It's so funny! We've really been working with him on some behavior issues, so the first P.S. really made me feel good! The 2nd P.S. is hilarious because he hasn't ever really believed in Santa, we never made a big deal one way or the other. I wonder what has him thinking about that! The 3rd P.S. makes me think there might be hope yet, seeing as he is thinking of somebody else!

But the hilarious part is all the circles and arrows and the note at the top to forgive his bad spelling! And did you notice the letter is in proper form? They've been learning that at school this past week or two!


Margaret said...

Where'd the Legos go? LOL I get action when I threaten the vacuum cleaner in the Realm of Lego.

That letter makes me misty-eyed....awwwwww

Shelleen said...

I also had gotten misty eyed reading his letter and I enjoyed it very much!

staci said...

I love clean rooms too~~but they're usually a mess about 5 minutes after they've cleaned, lol! What a sweet letter...we've saved them over the years and they make such cute memories :)

Cindy F. said...

Room looks really great! Good job:)
The letter had me teary! Reminded me of my son's letters...I did save them. This is a wonderful memory!