Monday, December 15, 2008

My Car is a Mess

Why is it when my car and my house is a mess, I feel like my life is a mess too?! :) We've just been going crazy around here the past few days, and things get left laying around!

We went to my inlaws this past weekend to celebrate Christmas with them and it was my MIL's birthday too. Tonight we will let our kids open their gifts from us. We figure there's no reason to take them to Alaska and back, right? We are saving a gift each to give them in AK.

I feel like I have five million things to do before I leave for Alaska! :)
*wrap boys presents
*finish my sister's xstitch gift
*clean house and car
*catch up on all the laundry
*craft at Luke's classroom on Wed
*Andrew's holiday concert Thurs pm
*pack my clothes, Luke's and Andrew's
*evenly distribute Christmas gifts in luggage (if one luggage would get lost, you KNOW it would be the one full of presents!)
*address 100+ postcards for my little part-time job
*straighten up boys' rooms (yes again!)
*kit up a few xstitch things for the trip there and back

Oh and there's the normal everyday stuff of cleaning and cooking and homework, etc.

I have a few pictures I need to take to show you the stitching I've been able to do. I tried to stitch ornaments for the month of Dec. I've done quite a few, but not nearly what I would have liked to get done! Oh well, life gets in the way sometimes!

My dad continues to improve, he's actually slept downstairs in his own bed for two nights now. Still gets really dizzy and seeing double. He feels like one must be causing the other, so if one would go away, the other would be better. He has a doctor's appointment tomorrrow, I think, but I know he is dreading the effort it will take to get there and back!


Margaret said...

Glad your dad's feeling better. Good luck getting everything done!

Melanie said...

Great pics! Yave a safe trip to Alaska and Merry Christmas to your family!
PS... aren't you supposed to NOT take wrapped gifts on the plane...just wondering. Hate for you to have them unwrapped at the airport, lol.