Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Picture Time

Alright, lovely ladies! If you're like me, you mainly go to blogs to look at the pictures! So since time is running out on are a bunch of random pictures! :)

My Grandpa received his degree from Lancaster Bible College, at the young age of 89 1/2! It's a long story that I'll tell some day...but basically he went to the college in the late 1930's, got drafted, and by the time he got back the college wouldn't recognize his credits or something. Fastforward 75+ years and he was awarded his degree last Saturday. My grandma is 90!

Look how happy my Grandpa looks!

Luke was shocked to find out we had bought him a COLT's football jersey for Christmas! Think we surprised him?

DH and Luke (Dh has lost 57 pounds...doesn't he look cute!)

We had the boys open our presents early! No sense in taking this pile to Alaska and back! This picture shows their different personalities perfectly!

Andrew's beginning orchestra class played at the mall last week. He plays the viola.

We've been helping out at a very small Hispanic church this past year. Luke and Andrew were shepherds!

My sister got Luke a DS for Christmas. He got it early to play on the airplane. He has been waiting a year and was shocked to finally get one. He looks a wee obsessed, doesn't he?! This is also PRE haircut for Luke!

Okay, Finally stitching pictures. These are all from the various Just Cross Stitch ornament issues. This one is Miracles Happen. (obviously)

Don't know the name of this one, but it is either LHN or CCN

This is one of my Christmas presents to my sister. It is a Henzeit blocks pattern. It's not finished being put together as you can tell! She's not a very flowery girl, and I'm not 100% on the fabric choice yet!

Luke took one look at it and said what does SSESITR say? Oh brother!

This is by Lizzie Kate, her original Double Flips. I have got to get these in the mail to Viv. (I'll have to do it when I get back from AK) It's not crooked, I hung it on a cabinet knob and couldn't get it to hang right! I had to not stitc the last word between laugh and live, I cut my fabric wrong! It's alright, it was the word Create, and she doesnt' do that! haha You might be able to see some of my nativity collection in the background!

Last but not least, I received this ornament in the ornament exchange at my stitching retreat in Pigeon Forge! Isn't it cute?!

My camera is being stupid and giving my children red eyes! The red eye filter is on, but it's just not working right. And whenever I try to fix it online, it just puts a big blue blob where their eye is supposed to have been! So which is better, zombie or red eye???


Marion said...

I just had to show my family the photos of your grandparents...they can parents were those ages not too long ago. Anyway, they look fantastic!!!
I love the photos of your kids...and you're surely can see the difference in the personalities!!
Great stitching as usual Sara!!
Take care

Lee said...

I love the photos! They are so JOYFUL!

Lovely stitching, too.

Cindy F. said...

Congratulations to your dear Grandfather!! How exciting for him:) I know your family is proud of him.
Great family pics. Your guys are all very handsome fellows:)
Love your stitched pieces!!
Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas in Alaska! Stay safe and warm:)

Teri said...

Congratulations to your Grandpa! What a wonderful accomplishment. Your grandparents look like a beautiful couple!