Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Jeans

So I decided I really needed a new pair of jeans to go home for Christmas. I have lots of jeans, but none are "just right". I see jeans on other ladies all the time, and they look so nice, and my jean.. well, they just don't look nice! Seem to me that I have a bit of junk in my trunk as somebody likes to say! I'm also right smack inbetween two sizes, why don't they make a ladies size 11?! :) I should just loose about five pounds, but this isn't the time to do it!

So I've been thinking, maybe the problem is I only buy cheap jeans! So I went off to Kohl's and proceeded to try on at least 15 different styles, cuts, quality, price of jeans. Finally found a pair that I loved the fit, but I didn't love the color of the denim! Ugh! So I decided at the price of $30, that wouldn't do. So I put it all back and went to Walmart.

So I'm at Walmart, and thought I'll just try their jeans. Guess what.. really nice fit. Cheap too, only $15! And their Levi's were only $20 and the same ones at Kohls were $39-44! I guess Walmart can buy in mass? that's why it's cheaper?

Anyway..wish I would have gone straight to Walmart..would have saved me 1 1/2 hrs today!

So I came home and started packing, and realized I have ZERO long sleeved casual shirts! Now, I can NOT wear a tshirt in Alaska in the off I went in search of at least two long sleeved shirts! I guess the south has finally won over my wardrobe! I have 3/4 summer and 1/4 winter!

So now I'm ready to start packing.. I think! :)

We leave Raleigh tomorrow at 2:30 and fly to Cincinatti. Once there we have a 45 minute layover! Way too tight for my comfort. If we make that one, we fly to Seattle and we only have an hour there. We have to change carriers, from Delta to Alaska, so that means they'll be in different we're gonna have to boogy! If we make that flight we go straight to Anchorage and will get there at 10:30pm. Then we will be camping out in the airport until we leave at 7am! So in a way, if we could be sure to still get to Alaska, it'd be okay to miss one of our'd shorten the time we have to spend in Anchorage!

Wish us well! :)

A merry Christmas to all my new friends! It's been fun catching up with old friends and meeting new ones! Sara


Rachel said...

Have a safe and EASY trip!

As someone from the PacNW - We are in for some icy times this weekend. In Portland tomorrow is to be clear. We've had snow most of the week. :o)

Marion said...

Have a safe trip Sara and take lots of photos!!
Merry Christmas!!