Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I started something new!

I started something new! I just can't help it! If I get the fabric and the floss, I just can't stand to let it sit!:)

I've had the pattern for a while, and just couldn't decided if I liked it enough to stitch it! Then I saw it stitched at the LNS in Raleigh a few weekends ago and decided I would stitch it. Well it called for this Kansas-something fabric that was a bright awfully gold color and I didn't really like it. But after looking for forever at the LNS in SC, I decided against the yellow. Then Linda saw it framed on the wall, right when we were getting ready to finish up. And I liked it again.. turns out it was on the same yellow-Kansas fabric I thought I didn't like. So after much discussion AGAIN, I finally end up buying the Kansas fabric.

So today, a few days later, I decide to start stitching it! Well darn if the thread count isn't 30ct. I hate 30 ct! I didn't really want it huge and over 2 on 30ct. really makes it huge. So I stitch the wording (over 2), didn't like it..but then I did the circle, still didn't like it, and then did the red. Finally decided I REALLY wasn't liking it. So I frogged it all!

So now I've restarted it over one, which is much better on the 30 ct. BUT the whole thing when it's finished is going to be about the size of a dollar bill! That's not really what I had in mind either! UGH! Oh well....

The dumb thing, is when it finally came down to the decision I was deciding between 30 ct and 35 ct. and somehow the darn 30 ct. ended up in my bag. Oh well...

Dh and I are going to the opening NCState football game in SC tomorrow night. It's a 3 hr drive, and the game starts at 7:45 PM, then a 3 hr drive home. So we won't be home before midnight, that's for sure! Then Friday after school, we're heading up to PA for a short weekend. We'll be gone Fri-Mon. I've saved my 14 ct aida Spring banner to stitch on one of those rides! I just can't stitch the over one in the car.. makes me too sick!:)

Talk to you all soon.

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