Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She's so cool!

Yup, my grandma is the most awesome person ever! We drove up to see her and our family this weekend. She turned 90 this June, and it didn't work out for us to go to Alaska where she had the party. So, we drove up to PA to spend the weekend with her. My mom flew down from Alaska and my Uncle and Aunt were there from Arizona.

On Saturday, we drove all over the town where my Grandma was born. She gave us a little life history and it was a blast! It's amazing how much she remembers! And the cool thing was, the more we drove around, the more she remembered!

Where it all began. Born and raised in this house, 90 years ago. She was pretty sad about how worn down it was. I was just pretty impressed that it was still there!

This was her high school, same building exactly...even to the grates on the airvents. Only it's the middle school now.. doesn't she look great for 90?

We got to see the church where she and my grandpa were married. They had just celebrated 66 years, the day before we went and visited the church.

Backside pictures are my absolute favorite thing!! I love how you can tell she's using her cane, and her shoulders are kind of squished up!

Three generations: Mom, Me, and Grandma. You can tell I get my height from my Dad's side!


Vonna said...

That is cool...and your Grandma looks stunning for being 90 years old! Really both of your grandparents look STUNNING for their age! 66 years of marriage...I hope I'm so lucky :)
Thank you for sharing your Granny's life with us!

Marion said...

Awesome photos! Your grandma looks fantastic!!! (and your grandfather!!)
What a great way to spend a weekend!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you, your mom, and grandmother. Sounds as if y'all had a very nice weekend.

Kathy A. said...

Family is just the best. Your Grandma is a young looking 90. Good genes for you.Thank you for sharing her story withus

Connie B said...

Great pics! Glad you were able to visit with your Grandma!!!

Sonda in OR said...

That sounds like a fun weekend. Your grandma looks great! My grandparents are 80 this year and I think my grandma is getting more forgetful...it reminds me that life is short and time with them is precious.