Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Matchbox Exchange

I found this tonight while I was randomly reading a million blogs! Okay, I wasn't really reading, more like looking at pictures!

About 3/4 down her page she shows picture of a match box exchange. Looks like they decorated the outside of a match box, and filled the inside with lots of goodies! Wouldn't that be fun? I'm thinking you could fit a lot of stuff inside a match box. (it was a large one) Threads, fabric, buttons, needles, pins, fob, pinkeep, etc! Oh the ideas are endless, aren't they?

Anybody want to do a one time match box exchange? :)

NCLindaP and I had a great time at our not so local LNS's today! We learned she can pick me up, hit two LNS, grab McD's drivethrough, and be home w/exactly five minutes to spare until I pick up my middle schooler! Hmm.. this could have been a dangerous discovery!

I got all the fabric and threads I need for the new Creepy Crawly pattern. I love it! I think I might do the skeleton in glow-in-the dark thread! Wouldn't that be cool? :) I ordered the pattern when I got home, so hopefully I'll get to it quickly!

I found this neato Halloween needlebook, I'll have to find a link to it somewhere! Without going downstairs, I'm not even sure what the name of it is! It's one of those newer patterns, where they have the printed tin, and you stitch a matching topper... Know what I mean? I'll find out tomorrow! OOH and it's stitched on WDW bright orange fabric! The one we got is Pumpkin! Love it!

I think that's it! Is that it, Linda? :)

I have way too many things I want to stitch!


Marion said...

Stop posting things YOU want to stitch! LOL It's making my list longer too! LOL
Actually, I love that Halloween chart you posted...I had never seen that one before!
Have a great day Sara.


Marion said...

Sara, I went to look at that blog...what type of match box is it? Is it wooden, or just the kind you get in the grocery store?

saras said...

I just assumed it was one of those paper cheap ones from the grocery store! :) ??

Marion said...

Okay, that's what I was thinking. I would do a matchbox exchange, if you are interested!

I'll tell you, blogs seriously cut into housework and stitching time! I love looking at the photos everyone posts.


Nelapx said...

Saras tutorial floss tag ici

Joke said...

I'm the lucky girl that received that beautiful matchbos with goodies :))