Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mommy Lesson #5,206

Okay, so for the past eleven years of parenting my thought has always been to wake my kids at the last possible minute, then hurry out the door to wherever we need to go! (church,school,appointments, etc) Get as much sleep as possible! That's the way I am, so that's they way they are? Right?


This year, Andrew is in middle school and leaves the house at 7:00. Luke doesn't have to leave until 8:45 at the latest. So as usual, I would get Andrew and DH out the door and then wake up Luke around 8:00, maybe 8:15.

Well about two weeks ago, DH was out of town and I had no option but to get Luke up and take him with me to take Andrew to school at 7:00. I was dreading it all week, thinking it'd be awful getting him up so early and loosing the extra sleep, etc.

Lo and behold, Luke did just fine that week. Apparently he likes having time to hang out in the mornings! (NOT like me! LOL) So since then, I've been waking him up at 6:30 when I wake Andrew up. Around 7:00 I make sure he's out of bed... we usually get back in my bed after DH and Andrew leave. We'll watch Good Morning America and snooze off and on, or talk or whatever.

I realized today on the way to school, that we had left on time, and nicely, no fussing, no crying for almost two straight weeks! For the first time ever!

Yeah lesson #5,206 learned! Why didn't I realize that earlier? Would have made life much better!

I'm cleaning today, to "earn" myself a day off tomorrow! NCLindaP and I are sneaking off to a few LNS shops! We'll see what we find!

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