Friday, September 5, 2008

It was almost a major problem!

Okay, so are you ready for this one?! :) I take a friend (who doesn't drive) to a doctor's office about 45 minutes away with her 3 yr old and 4 month old. The 4 month old was a less than 2 pound premmie and her chubby cheeks she's got now are adorable! She's a whopping 6 .5 lbs, but I saw her when she was just a week old and she looks HUGE!

Anyway... on to the almost major problem! So the 3 yr old on the way home is mumbling about McDonald's. Now my friends are Hispanic and only speak Spanish.. I speak NO Spanish! Always makes for interesting conversation! :) So on the way back, about ten minutes from her house, we pull into McDonald's for lunch. I have to go to the bathroom. (can you see where this might be going?)

While in the bathroom, I try my hardest not to touch anything.. and while I had my purse with me, for some random reason.. I was holding my keys in my mouth by biting one of those little shop discount cards.

I finish, stand up and turn to flush the toilet! (see where it's going now?) Like normal, I stand on one foot and use the other foot to push down on the plunger thingie to flush the toilet. Meanwhile, said keys are still in my mouth... As I'm pushing down with my foot somehow my teeth decide to let go of my keys... (see where it's going now!?)

It all took about 2 seconds, but it went by quite slowly! There I am 1/2 bent over, keys hanging out of my mouth, standing on one foot and I feel my keys slip out of my mouth...see them dropping towards the toilet...see the toilet water swirling down the toilet...and the thought crosses my mind...


What will I do if my keys go down the toilet? DH works an hour from where I'm at at the moment, and he has the only extra key! He's always busy at work and a call like that would not thrill him I'm sure! all that is happening I notice the keys land at the very edge of the toilet, thankfully on the floor edge and not the inside edge! :)

I start to laugh hysterically... and then realize that there is no way on earth I'dever be able to explain to my non-English speaking friend what just happened and realized I'd have to hurry home and blog about it!

Lesson learned?! Oh there are just too many to mention!!


Eva said...

Sara, thanks for the laugh!

Marion said...

Yup, thanks for the laugh! I can picture it all now...LOL....
(who needed a good laugh)

Margaret said...

Oh thanks for the giggle!!!!! Naaaaaaah more like a guffaw!!!

Rachel said...

that's a good one Sara. How would you have explained that one to your friend???