Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Luke & Cross-Stitch

Last night, Luke was having a moment (as quite often happens!) And here is our conversation!

L: And by the way! I hated that car ride to the cross stitch store!

Me: Why?

L: Cause you and Mrs. Linda only talked about cross-stitch the whole way!

Me: Okay...

L: It was like you were a bunch of teenager girls or something, only you talked about cross-stitch!!


On a side note, I finished "Our House Rules" Started it Saturday pm and finished it today on the drive home! :) I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.. I really like it!


staci said...

ROFL!!! Isn't that the required conversation on the way to the LNS???

Marion said...

LOL that's cute.....I'm trying to work a family day trip around the only LNS I can visit (2 1/2 hours)....think they will fall for it????

Can't wait to see your new finish!

Kathy A. said...

LOL LOL LOL - One time I picked up Dani - tkd chick at the airport in San Diego and we talked stitching for 3 hours all the way back to Yuma. My DH said we had invented our own language LOL