Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Few More Hours...

of quiet! The boys are on their way home with the grandparents and life is getting ready to get hectic! School starts tomorrow and there will be an overabundance of nerves tonight, I'm sure! We've got to pick out an outfit for tomorrow, pack lunches, figure out our schedule etc! But for now there's a few more hours of quiet!

My friend Linda and I hit the Stitch and Frame Shop in SC. It was exactly 3 hrs from my front door to the shop's front door! We had a great time! We leisurely stopped for lunch and just sat and visited and Linda had the brilliant idea to go by Buella's Cross Stitch shop in Statesville. It wasn't on the way home, but only about an hour out of the way. So she called information, connected to the store and realized they were open.... You've never seen two ladies move so fast! Trash was in the bin, drinks we refilled, and we were on the road again! :) Linda had been before, but it was my first visit! Not a fancy shop at all, but there were bins and bins of .50 leaflets! I think I got about 20 of those!

And there were great little fabric squares, perfect for ornaments, fobs, stuff like that. The owner didn't really feel like looking up the prices, they were all hand dyed fabrics, so she sold them to us for .50 each! :) We were only going to pick out a few, cause we thought they'd be a few dollars at least. And when we asked the price, she said,"Oh .50!" So we took them all except one!:)

I'm excited about the new stash, but now I've got to reorganize my stitching schedule! :) haha

It was a great day! Left the house at 7am and got home around 5:30 or 6:00. I called DH on the way home and he said, "Already?! I thought you'd be home around midnight!" If I had only known.. I'm sure we could have found something else to do to occupy our time, right Linda?

We even ran into two of our stitching friends at Buella's, so that was fun!

Have a good week!

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